Sunday, December 30, 2012

monkey mind design

Owls - Mini 2013 Calendar
"Feeling boxed in by the advertising world, I decided to set free my creative spirit and fully embrace my love for handmade products. In the fall of 2009, I went out on my own with high hopes and a lot of creative determination. After many sleepless nights, a few X-Acto cuts, and more cups of coffee than I can remember...I DID IT! I got everything I wanted; creative freedom, my own business, working from home, and total happiness. I'm enjoying every minute of this crazy ride. I am constantly discovering new sides of my personality, perspectives, and funny bone. The coolest thing I have discovered by far, is how much I enjoy brightening someone's day. I really mean it when I say...I hope you enjoy the work and find it positive, fun, and inspiring."
bio written by Anita via her etsy about page


Gold and Silver Metallic Masquerade Mask
"I started making accessories and masks during college because I needed to de-stress after a LOOOONG day of chemistry. Over the years I had collected many sparkly things, buttons and vintage jewelry, and just had to do something with them so hair accessories and masks seemed like the logical choice. Every piece is handmade with loving care by me, The Crafty Chemist. I'm always in the mood to create something new so check back often and Enjoy!"
bio written by Jessica via her etsy shop announcement

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hannah Longmuir

Christmas Card - Red Squirrel - Pencil Drawing
"I'm Hannah Longmuir. I'm 25 years old and I'm lucky enough to live in the beautiful Scottish Borders. I have a little black puppy called Buddy and a very ancient grumpy budgie called Chirpy. I work from a garden shed which has a view of the Cheviot Hills. I share my shed with spiders and swallows and snails. My work is inspired by the animals and landscape around me. I aim to create a small place of quiet and a sense of calm. My weapon of choice is my pencil, and using it I explore the world around me. I'm constantly surprised and delighted by the things I find. I quit my job in May 2011 and moved back to the Borders to start my business. As well as selling cards and brooches through fairs and shops, I undertake drawing comissions of animals and landscapes. As well as arting, I like day trips and red wine; I collect postcards; and seeing a heron makes me happy."
bio written by Hannah via her etsy profile

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

three bad seeds

the Bear: Plush Wool Pillow
"we are three, three bad seeds -- a family adventure in handmade art and independent craft. we create quirky and functional graphic objects from discarded materials. we take thrifted wool and linen clothing... wash it/felt it... deconstruct it... then transform it into- plush animal pillows, appliqued pillow covers, coasters, banners, wall art... whatever floats our boat. we also hand embroider reusable produce bags. color, texture and simplicity drive our designs. amanda leads the charge...but the mister and the small one contribute often and with gusto."
bio written by amanda via the etsy profile

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

cabin + cub design

Cute Original Collage - singing red bird
"I am a freelance art director and designer from Vancouver who loves to make crafty things. My favourite mediums are wood (surprise) and paper. When I am not collageing, I am wood burning, and when I am not wood burning I am drawing. Check out updates on my work as well as the occasional giveaway I also have another etsy shop called Tiny Cub that specializes in cute stationary and prints. Check it out here. "
bio written by Valerie via her etsy profile

Monday, December 17, 2012


Sterling Silver Musical Bell Flower Earrings - Sterling Silver Bell Earrings - Artisan Jewelry
"Mocahete is a design team of two, Sabrina and Dante. Progenitor and progeny, working from our studio in rural South Georgia. Everything in our shop is a collaboration from design through fabrication. A melange of ingredients go into our work. Materials often consist of wonderfully juxtaposed ingredients that combined, create most unusual one of a kind pieces. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Our favorite metals include copper and silver. Copper is hypoallergenic, like its sister metals--gold and silver. Evidence of copper being used as adornment has a history that dates back to 10,000 years. For great information about copper and its many benefits, health and otherwise, please Sterling silver is a standard in many of our designs. We make our earwires and findings. When beads are needed they are selected from an ever increasing assortment, from lush gemstones, tribal beads, precious metals,wonderful vintage, antique collectible trade beads, plus many more. We mix all of this up with ingenuity, creativity and skilled artistry to bring you exuberant, passionate jewelry that will delight you for years to come. Do you hear a different drummer?"
bio written by Mocahete via the etsy profile

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Owl & Otter

Hand Finished Christmas decoration - Christmas decor - Christmas Ornament by The Owl & Otter
"We're based in the sunny seaside town of Brighton and we design and make beautiful gifts and household items. We hope you like our products as much as we do and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're currently expanding our product range and its a very exciting time."
mini-bio written by Rachael via the etsy profile

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kat's Fab Fancies

Made to order Gingerbread House
"I'm a freelance writer by profession and crafter by hobby. I've always been arty and good at making things - just rubbish at everything else - so it was natural for me to drift into writing and crafting. I love making things and like to try all sorts of crafts. People wanted to buy my items and persuaded me to sell them on Facebook and when that took off, with lots of help and advice from a crafting friend, I decided to open the shop on here."
bio written by Tina B. via her etsy profile

Monday, December 10, 2012

ornaments by deb

White Swirled Tree on Bronze Glass Holiday Ornament
"I am a craft loving mother and grandmother who has been making ornaments for my family and friends for years and years. A few years ago, I started selling my ornaments through word-of-mouth. It is time for the next step, now, to my own Etsy shop. I love to personalize my ornaments, especially the snowman family, but I will put a family name on any ornament that has room on it. I have all my standby ornaments, but I usually try something new and different every year. My daughter and I also have a joint shop on Etsy called Times and Chimes. We make birdhouses out of reclaimed wood and decorate them with relics from the past. We have been open three years now, and really enjoy the friends we have made all over the world. Since Angie moved to Colorado, I have taken over the shop, but don't really know where it is headed yet. I have 2 grown children. John lives in Branson and has a daughter, MaKayla, who is 11. Angie and her husband Steve moved from Branson to Denver, Colorado last December and have Nathan, age 11 and Mathew, age 10. I have a stepdaughter Becci, who lives in North Carolina with her daughters, Nikki and Chloe. My partner, Jim, sometimes helps with the woodworking, but doesn't get involved in my ornaments, except as support."
bio written by Deb via her etsy profile

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Geometric Wood Earrings - Large
"Hello! Welcome to my shop! I draw/design everything that I sell. I also do all of the screen-printing with lots and lots of love. All of the garments listed are American Apparel, so they are super soft and fit rather nicely."
mini-bio written by Lindsay via her etsy shop announcement


Trees in snow coin purse
"Oktak was founded by Aki, a Tokyoite living in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Aki studied handbag design & construction at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) from 2003 to 2004, and has been making colorful bags and frame pouches since."
mini-bio written by Aki via the etsy profile

Apples Modern Art

5 Paper Ornaments book pages
"I started this shop three years ago with the vision of making a green company. I love the thought of taking something unwanted and making it into something beautiful that people can enjoy. Each piece having it's own history, giving it new life and hope. I repurpose when ever possible it's a way of life in our household."
mini-bio written by ApplesModernArt via the etsy profile

Friday, December 7, 2012


Tiny Pine Cone Elves -- set of 3 ornaments
"Hi there -- I'm Karina and the artist behind kaniko. Thanks for visiting! If you take a peek around, you can see that I love creating with a variety of materials and am inspired by vintage, fairy tale designs. My creations are each lovingly crafted by me in my cottage studio, made to add a special touch to life's celebrations with unique and personalized artistry. I grew up in Connecticut, and still miss the quiet nature and woods that surrounded my childhood. I think this early influence can be seen in my work ;) My professional background includes experiences as an environmental activist, educator, writer, illustrator, name a few! But there has always been an artistic impulse and the desire to create in the background, and now I'm so glad it's in the foreground! Much thanks and gratitude to Etsy for providing an outlet :) Living in the San Francisco Bay Area fills me with inspiration, as does daily life with my artistic husband, energetic boy, and sweet baby girl. Our small but colorful home is filled with art, love, and life, and a lot of comical moments."
bio written by Karina via her etsy profile

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

lesa likes

White Vintage Lace on Dusky Rose Brooch, Lace and Mahogany Series
"Hi, I'm Lesa. I paint without putting paper down. I garden without gloves. I often have trouble falling to sleep cause I've had an idea I can't shake. I love vibrant colour, strong patterns and thoughtful design. I am inspired by master crafters and people who create. And it really is the pretty things in life that give me joy."
bio written by Lesa via her etsy profile

Happy Flying

Christmas gift Jewelry box Wooden box Ring box Carved wood box Wedding gifts Wooden boxes Jewelry boxes Wood boxe Wood carving Cigar box B38
"My name is Nick and I live in Ukraine. My father taught me wood carving. And now I am a designer and craftsmen in wood. Wood is a natural product and all the wooden things look natural. I also love the leather-craft. Wood and leather inspire me. Sometimes my wife help me. We are pleased to welcome you to our store."
mini-bio written by Nick via his etsy profile

Monday, December 3, 2012

Barbara Szepesi Szucs

Cardinal Winter Berries Christmas Watercolor Illustration Print Feather Nature Branch Woodland
"My name is Barbara Szepesi Szűcs, I am a Hungarian illustrator. I have done my Diploma in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Budapest) specialized for graphic designer. Since my childhood I wanted to be an illustrator. My ceaseless ambition is to create a unique style, regardless whether the illustration is prepared manually or digitally. In fact, everything around me makes me very much creative. Of course my greatest inspirations are CHILDREN. I think life has got only one important sense: to make people smile!"
bio written by Barbara via her etsy profile

For You Design

Teal Blue Hat with Ivory Hearts - Fall Winter Fashion
"Hello and thank you for visiting ForYouDesign! I am a passionate crafter living in Istanbul, Turkey. My journey to the world of yarns and colors started as a little girl when my dearest grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet wonderful dresses for my dolls. Now as a mother of two beautiful kids, this journey still continues with love, care, and even much more passion. After graduating from university, I worked abroad and even then my yarns and needles were always with me to create for friends. I quitted my teaching job after the birth of my first child and have become a stay-at-home mom. This has made it much more possible for me to create my own designs. I use the best quality yarns for all my products. Each and every item is made by me in a smoke-free and pet-free environment with a great attention even to the tiniest detail."
bio written by ForYouDesign via the etsy profile

Friday, November 30, 2012

beth wyatt photography

Jars on a Shelf - 8x10 Print
"I'm a wildly creative girl. I am always making things for the people I love, and stopping to take a picture of something other people walked by without noticing. I was a Graphic Design student, a professional painter & muralist, and furniture upcycler before discovering my passion for photography."
mini-bio written by Beth via her etsy profile

Two Sad Donkeys

Hanna - White Tailed Female Deer, Art Puppet Marionette Stuffed Animal Felted Toy. beige neutral cream brown
"I like felt and love marionettes, and these two facts come together here in my store. And these toys are result of this love I‘ve been working in State Puppet Theater as a set and puppet designer. I’ve also been working in felted wool for about 7 years. I was born in Estonia, studied fine art in Russia, in Moscow Textile Academia. Now I live in Republic of Georgia (Caucasus), in native land of my husband. He and our three boys are the biggest friends and fans in my life. I’m also part of group of women who love to spend our “free” time together making marionettes from natural materials for our small Waldorf school puppet theater. Once a month we show our fairy tales for our kindergarten’s and school’s children. I’m inspired by nature, animals, children’s creativity, ancient rock painting and of course by art of Mark Chagall. I truly love I do and I thank God for this life I live."
bio written by Olga via her etsy profile

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jayne Norvelle

Stack Rings Set of 6 Sterling Copper and Brass Custom Size
"I have always been driven to create art in some form, drawing and painting, an art handed down from my mom. When I discovered jewelry design I really found my niche. I create my jewelry as a piece of wearable art. Each piece is a careful blending of color and form, balancing both for an original work. Jewelry design has given me an outlet for both my creativity and the love I have always had for rocks, stones, gems, of all shapes and sizes. While I work mainly with silver and stone, some pieces use resin, copper, brass or 14k gold. My inspiration is found in those things at their natural state, in the texture, and color of the organic. The feel, weight, temperature, shape, and color of the stone itself often will inspire the end result. Many of the stones are found on my local beach while walking my dogs, I bring the stones home and polish them. I am a self taught silversmith and all of the silver is hand forged. Just as nothing in nature is ever exactly the same, no two pieces of my jewelry are exactly the same. While some I do try to duplicate as much as possible, most of my pieces are one of a kind. My Etsy Shop was started at the constant prodding of my daughter an artistic photographer and all around awesome person! HERE's a bit more about me with a photo of me in my workspace from our local paper"
bio written by Jayne via her etsy profile

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crazylady Style

ALMI Art - Bosco - Hand Painted Upcycled - hand painted owl coffee mug set of 2
"I'm an illustrator and fine artist. I love chocolate, turquoise, coffee, children's books, and all things whimsical. I have a few active blogs for my illustrations. Although I opened my Etsy shop in 2010, I have only recently begun listing items. I frequently sell items on eBay (with a 100% feedback score for over 400 feedback left and thousands of items sold)."
mini-bio written by ALMI Art via the etsy profile

Monday, November 26, 2012

Adrien Art

Art Teapot Surreal Face Sculpture in Relaxation, Dream On
"As a visual artist, I value beauty that brings well-being. A lot of my work arises from merging my love for sculpting and painting the human form with my love for making things that feel good to use in daily living. I love drinking tea from hand made wares, and I find that by making such wares artfully, the experience of using them is deepened and enhanced. The majority of the ceramic work I produce is made from recycled clay. I salvage scraps and dried out blocks from various studios that otherwise would be tossing good clay into the dump. By recycling this abandoned clay, I am able to build a relationship with it while I'm mixing and wedging it, so that I get to know it very well before I even start to make anything with it. I focus on faces and bodies because they clearly express and reflect a specific state of being. It is my main intention to bring calmness, happiness, joy, and peace into peoples lives through my work, and these are the expressions and the energy I put into what I do. In 2007 I recieved my BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts with an individualized major in sculpture, painting, and photography. After college I took a 10 day silent vipassana meditation course that brought about a major wholesome transformation, and continues to influence my work as a human being and artist. I began Teaching ceramics, excited about educating others about the fine art potentials of clay, yet some of my students only wanted to learn the wheel, so I began practicing in order to help them learn, and I got hooked! As a painter/sculptor/photographer showing in galleries, I find these functional crafts to be an exciting venture in merging the affordable and functional, with the transcendent and artistic. My studio generally always has a few long term sculptures and paintings in progress, balanced by a steady flow of functional ware being turned out."
bio written by Adrien via the etsy profile

Sunday, November 25, 2012

what a novel idea

Cat Black and White with Mouse Necklace Image Jewelry Sale
"I've always enjoyed the creative process and have a deep appreciation for anyone who embarks on creative journeys. Most of my creative work has been in the performing arts and includes singing, dance and acting. I lead a 1940s inspired band called The Maisies that performs three part harmony swing jazz here in Toronto and from that I've been inspired to create jewelry with vintage themes. Seems I always need to be doing something creative and so I built a studio and started making these pieces for my new jewelry shop. I attempt to allow each design to tell its own story whether it's a tale taken from a vintage circus poster, a classic novel or a scene taken from every day life. I'm very up to the challenge of creating customized orders and have successfully completed quite a few. If you have an idea let me know and I'll get to work!"
bio written by Chantelle via her etsy profile page

Friday, November 23, 2012

La Petite Mascarade

Willow and Cherry Tree Goddesses Shinto Art - Archival Art Print 8.5 x 11
"We're a married team with a background in technology and art. Celeste has practiced visual arts since she was a young child, and has honed a large array of talents in the field. Her current specialty is a unique combination of hand drawing and digital colouring, forming a distinct blend of traditional and digital art. Jacob grew up with a love for technology in an artistic family, and mixes art with code in creating computer games. He also enjoys working with tactile mediums, and specializes in origami, developing new shapes and patterns. Together, we've found great pleasure in working together on projects. In mixing that with our enjoyment of Halloween costuming, we found that our talents combined well in creating masks. That is when the idea of creating miniature masks for tiny creatures came about, and evolved."
bio written by LaPetiteMascarade via the etsy profile


Mauro - Little owl, soft art toy by Wassupbrothers
"I really love making things with fabric, everything you see here is handmade by me and always one of a kind! Some of the softies can look alike but never the same. I try repurpose, recycle,reuse different materials as often as is possible. It's a magic to see, how small pieces of fabric, vintage buttons, sweaters or old dresses turn to a soulful creations. Mostly i use natural fabric and fibers. If I am not satisfied with the fabric tinge, i dye it with natural dyes like tea, coffee,cinnamon and others."
bio written by Olga via the etsy profile

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Doron Merav Jewelry

Bio Bracelet - Gold Cuff, Organic Gold Bracer
"I am a 30 y/o artist, designer and architect. Graduated at the Technion, Israeli institute of technology. I have been creating all my life, self taught I have been mostly painting and carving in wood (mainly because of availability of tools and materials). In 2006 I started studying architecture which significantly expanded my physical and mental arsenal of creation. New materials and ideas started showing themselves in my work but the basic concept I have always been dealing with remained - achieving beauty through motion, volumes and general composition testing the materials and reinterpreting it in anyway I can think of. And now... welcome to my etsy store! Here you can find my unique designs that I develop and create myself at my home workshop. My jewelry is NOT for everyone. The jewelry I am making does not try to hide on your body as a thin line of gold that just says "this is a gold ring", my jewelry is about color, textures and composition, it wants to be seen. You will not find here a simple loop of hammered metal because that does not interest me. Here you will find architectural compositions, nature inspired organic flowing forms and some jewelry that are more of a statement or a concept. I do not like writing long stories about each piece unless absolutely necessary. I rather give basic, important information about materials and size and let the pictures do the talking. Most of my designs are made to order in any size, material and finish you choose."
bio written by Doron via his etsy profile

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Farmhouse Mud

Rustic Acorns
"Picture this: a horseback riding, animal loving, blue jeans wearing, jeep driving, dirt digging, grits eating, tomato growing country girl. Can you see her? That’s me and it’s so nice to meet you, too. I truly am a southern girl at heart; an Alabama transplant from Houston, Texas. Playing in clay is a new found love of mine. My first introduction to clay was in my junior high school art class and I remember how much I loved it. My sculpture was of my rescued kitten that my mom named Horse because she knew how much I wanted a horse of my very own. After that art class, I didn’t sink my hands into clay again until 2006, when I enrolled in a pottery wheel class at my local art studio. I loved playing in clay again; it was like finding a long lost best friend, but using clay on the pottery wheel frustrated me. It felt so confined, structured and unbelievably mechanical ~ and so not fun for me. I decided it was time for me to buy my own clay where I could hand build at home, sitting on my couch, with a lap board in my lap and my pup by my side. And this little creative scene, today, remains my little piece of heaven! It’s been a real soul searching, eye-opening creative adventure for me playing in clay again. I started out with my creations being so stiff, perfected and overworked. I didn’t like anything I made and I had to keep asking myself: “Is this something common or does it look like a handmade original?” “Common” was the typical answer. It wasn’t until I had a tangle with my horse and broke my wrist, forcing me to let go a little more of perfection that my sculpting became a little more relaxed and handmade flawed."
bio written by Stephanine via her etsy profile

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Mouse Cleaning ( Mouseo Pergo )
"I am a big art history fan, but not serious about the dogma of fine art. I think art should be fun and accessible. I enjoy just about everything, to include: old etchings and prints, Italian Mannerism, Dadaism, Surrealism, and all the other isms. My current work is influenced by Odilon Redon, Raoul Hausmann, Francis Picabia, Francis Bacon, Remedios Varos, and Julie Speed."
bio written by Xvoto via the etsy profile

Lauren Sandler Studio

Pinched cup with incised lines and copper glaze
"I am an artist living in the Hudson Valley of New York State, about 2 hours north of New York City, where I grew up. My introduction to ceramics was through the study of artifacts as a student of Anthropology. I was immediately drawn to the physical evidence and tangibility of these ancient objects. I loved how they inhabited the physical world of our lives through utility, while also functioning as metaphors for shifting meaning, means of connection, and measurements of time. After over a decade of working with clay I still feel challenged and inspired by its complexities and endless possibilities. Here you will find mostly my functional pots that I make out of a love of the physicality of working with clay and a gratefulness to work with a material with a history of use and accessibility."
bio written by Lauren via her etsy profile

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sylwia Urbaniak Photography

Nature Photography digital photography botanical autumn fall pastels pink green wall art Beads 4x6 Fine Art Photography Print
"I hope that you can experience the feelings that I felt when I photographed these. Except photography I have another passion, which is glass. You can check it out by visiting my other store Please enjoy!"
mini-bio written by Sylwia via her shop announcement

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roberta Polfus Porcelain

Hand-carved white porcelain faux bois branch 2 with 4 side branches
"I have always been attracted to natural objects, at least as long as my clothing has had pockets. My carved and sometimes gestural pieces are intimate forms that fit and feel good in the hand. While they are generally not representations of actual objects, they reflect the shapes, patterns, colors and surfaces that I am drawn to in nature. I was introduced to porcelain about 14 years ago and we’ve been inseparable since then. I use a combination of wheel thrown and handbuilt forms that are altered, carved and sprigged. With a variety of airbrushed matte and gloss glazes that enhance the surfaces, the pieces are fired to a high temperature in a gas kiln, cone 10 reduction, around 2340 F. I have many works in process and will be adding them as they come out of the kiln. Each one I've listed is made individually by hand by me."
bio written by Roberta via her etsy profile

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Black Sea Fan Glass Vase - Surge / Clay, Home Decor, Ocean, Coral, Waves, Surge, Bud Vase
"mkwATELIER, a lifestyle concept store, is the collaboration of the creative talents of Shelley Koscielniak and April Wind. Contemporary, vintage and eclectic designs ranging from body adornment to art for the home. Using mixed metals, chains, semi-precious stones, crystals, and clay along with various techniques from riveting to wirework, painting to sculpture, crochet to weaving to create unique designs for the remarkable individual."
bio written by mkwATELIER via the etsy profile

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dirty Lush

Taupe brown gloves arm warmers fingerless gloves
"It all began........... One day on train ride back from a shopping trip with my mum, mum had bought some scraps of yarn and crochet hooks from a charity shop. I decided to ask her to show me some stitches to pass the time........that was the momment I got HOOKED! I quickly picked up the basics and began crocheting at EVERY opportunity, my early attemps were terrible(seriously!), lopsided and holey but I perservered untill I was finally happy I could sell my designs. I have been selling my designs for around 5 years now on various other sites but last year I decided to take a fresh approach to crochet and create Dirtylush. Dirtylush has quickly become my creative outlet, I love to make colourful, unique, quirky accessories that are fun to wear and also keep up with fashion trends. I have been lucky enough to design accessories for a project called 'Love41' which sells an array of beautiful handmade items from around the world with 100% of the profit going to support orphans,widows and street children in Africa. Another highlight was creating a huge order of bangles to be sold in a Paris boutique! This year I have been very excited to be featured in issue 15 of 'Mollie makes' craft magazine, I have written a pattern and tutorial for my crochet bangles. My dreams for the future involve being featured in a fashion magazine! Writing a crochet pattern book and being able to live off my creations full time ❤ Im so very grateful to all my customers, and also my very understanding family....... mountains of yarn and half finished crochet projects all over the house! Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!"
bio written by Suzanne via her etsy about page.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make it awesome

Dusty Blue Angora Bunny in Rich Red Capelet
"Sonja has been making the Fierce Bunnies for over 16 years. She has three published books that she illustrated and authored: Temper, Temper, 1998, Fatal Distraction, 2004 and The Selves (2010) published by Drawn And Quarterly. The bunnies help support her visual art and installation work that has been exhibited internationally. She is currently working on a very ambitious new body of work, a fourth book and contributing illustrations to the very excellent online magazine/site called ROOKIE for teenage girls."
bio written by Sonja via the etsy profile

Friday, November 2, 2012

Handy Happy Hearts

Pink cinnamon sachet heart Christmas ornament Christmas decoration polka dot home decor
"Heart is a perfect gift for any occasion, isn't it? For mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister or brother, best friend or collegue, or even to yourself as you are also the one you love :-) So this shop is for those who love hearts as much as I do."
bio written by Lena via her etsy profile

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Talking Crow

Primitive Needle Punch Pillow 2 Black Cats and a Pumpkin
"I've been stitching and designing for as long as I can remember and offering my patterns to the public for 5 years. I try to keep my patterns easy enough for a beginner yet challenging enough for the expert sewer. I'm always happy to talk to anyone so if you ever have a question don't hesitate to give me a holler. Thanks for taking a look at my things. I'll be listing finished things, too, like needlepunch pins and pillows, stitcheries, candle mats, snowmen and other primitives."
bio written by Linda via her etsy profile

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lolley's Curiosities

Secret Summer Ritual Shadowbox
"Kathleen Lolley moved to Kentucky nine months after her birth. She spent her childhood split between the lush green hills of Louisville, KY and the magical dark forests of Pittsburgh, PA. Storytelling and nature are prominent elements in her work. Critters try to break the spell of day to day heartbreak and giant owls return to their nest with only dreams. She currently resides in Kentucky where she spends her time making crafts, comics and art."
bio written bu lolley via her website bio


bear hand painted on porcelain mug
"nice to meet you here! since 1979 I've been working as a ceramic restorer - then I started to paint new pieces in order to replace my customers' broken set of dishes and so on... I felt a little bored with sevres and meissen patterns, so I found out it could be nicer to draw and paint animals and bicycles rather than old days bunch of flowers: I hope you too will enjoy them."
bio written by Mara via her etsy profile

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Julie Nolan Jewelry

Lyra Brass Constellation Cuff Bracelet
"I have been working as a jeweler for the past 5 years. I attended Studio Jewelers in NYC in 2008/2009 where I was enrolled in their 9 month Comprehensive Jewelry Course. After completing my certificate, I apprenticed under Randi Mates of Aesa Jewelry. You can find my jewelry at various boutiques across the U.S. Please contact me for wholesale inquiries."
bio written by Julie via her etsy profile

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tugboat Printshop

Big, Bad Wolf Woodcut Print
"Tugboat Printshop is our in-house printshop & studio space located in Pittsburgh, PA. We (Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth) specialize in woodcuts and etchings but also make drawings, gardens, renovations, and dinner. We also like old movies, toe-tapping music, porch swings, coffee breaks, fixing things, and visitors (so call us if you're in the area and stop on by for a visit!) Most of our current work is collaborative and in woodblock. Our prints are 100% original drawings hand-drawn directly onto blocks of wood, hand-carved with hand tools, and hand-printed onto archival paper (directly from the woodblocks) in our in-house printshop. Quality is extremely important to us. All of our prints are printed with top-shelf, oil based inks onto fine, archival papers. If cared for properly, our prints will last many lifetimes! Though it is inevitable that there will be some variation in woodblock printing between prints, we curate only the best copies printed into our editions. Our prints are always handled carefully by expert hands. When you purchase prints from our shop, you can be sure that you will be getting the best that we have to offer."
bio written by TugboatPrintshop via the etsy profile

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gigi In Stitches

Thanksgiving Decor Felt Doll Autumn Acorn - Miniature Brown Orange Yellow Fall Leaf Table Decoration
"Gigi In Stitches opened shop in September 2011, created with the goal of bringing beautifully hand-crafted felt dolls and other handmade items to parents, friends, children or collectors. I am a SoCal graphic designer who moonlights as a passionate crafter (or perhaps it's the other way around!)."
mini-bio written by Gigi via the etsy profile

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lee loong studio

Hand Stitched Leather Tote Bag / Briefcase / Cross Body Messenger Bag / Laptop Bag in Yellow
"Hi, I have just met with Etsy recently, but you know that I have been designing&hand stitching&hand making leather bags since from 2003 in my Sigapoure hometown. All my handcrafted bags are made with genuine cow leather material with superior brass hardwares and quality cotton thread. I believe you can use my bag for decades with carefully maintainess. I am always doing my best to learn what's the fashion elements currently, and make my bags to be stylish all the way. And I do like vintage style, I always make bags in a vintage style which is fashion for ever. I do hope you like my handcrafts also."
bio written by Lee Loong via the etsy profile


Chunky knit lace slipover/vest in turquoise - made to order
"Hello and welcome to my world, I.m a passionate knitter/designer and mom of one based in UK. Although I am Lithuanian born and bred, at the moment I happen to live in picturesque Scottish Highlands. I am absolutely mesmerised by the beautiful scenery and many of my designs are inspired by nature. I love creating, and started knitting at very young age. I love experimenting with different yarns and patterns, and the biggest satisfaction is then my creations make other people happy :)"
bio written by laurimuks via the etsy profile

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Four Piece Breakfast/Lunch Dinnerware - Serving for Two Plates Bowls - Handmade Pottery Rust Red, Sky Blue
"My parents didn't have a money tree. I learned to make what I wanted with my own hands - toy trucks from scrapwood, knives from old broken pieces, little pots from clay I found along a creek bank. That was fun. It generated a love of craft and the old ways, the real ways of making things with a personal touch. As an adult, I couldn't get away from my fascination with clay. It caught up with me. I studied long and hard, trained under old masters and picked their brains. My adult daughters and son couldn't keep their hands out of it either, and followed in my footsteps... my handprints. Getting into the rhythm of creating, we often lose all sense of time in the joy of it. I like to compare the creating of a pot to a song. The perfection of each step from kneading, forming, drying, bisque firing, glazing, and the final glaze firing, has to all work together to create the harmony of a great piece. It gives me real satisfaction to eat out of a handmade dish or grasp a shaving mug, that is an individual, with personality, not just another assembly line number. My wares are to share that joy with you!"
bio written by pottersong via the etsy profile

Indra's ideas

Embroidered pink butterfly book, journal, notebook
"I enjoy flowers, fog in the meadow, dew on a cobwebs, rime in trees... I try to use it in my works! I like to be close to nature - it inspires me to create things which reminds me about beauty of nature! I am embroidering and felting, sewing by hands and also using sewing machine. I like to experiment embroidering using freehand embroidering technique and I like to mix different styles and materials (felt,beads, wool, linen etc.). I have lots of ideas, so visit my shop regulary and you will be surprised by my new projects!"
bio written by Indra via her etsy profile

Monday, October 15, 2012

behind my blue eyes

Photo print of a small cute Beagle puppy, postcard size high quality photo print, 10cm x 15cm
"I am a photographer living in Helsinki. I have lived in Oulu as well. I love to go out and photograph the nature. Originally I come from Romania and I am an engineer. But I have had my own business as a photographer since 2008."
mini-bio written by Sandra via her etsy profile

Friday, October 12, 2012


portait indian girl print illustration A4 size
"Hi there, I am Irene, a self-taught crafter and illustrator. I live in Italy, in a wonderful city near the mountains. I am the only designer, maker, packagers, shippers, online content director, & customer service representative… of my shop :) it all takes place in my little studio, on the top floor of my house.. while I drink a cup of coffee with cold milk and I draw funny and curious characters.. I work with acrylics, pastels and oil painting. I am fond of traditional engraving and printing, especially linocut print. I like: .walking quietly in the woods .painting and creating with recycled materials .cooking fruit pies for my family and my boyfriend :) .collecting vintage buttons and beads .taking photos with my dad's old reflex camera .drawing (a small notebook is always in my pocket) .my favourite artists are Lucian Freud, Caravaggio and Cézanne"
bio written by Irene via her etsy about page.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hickory Tree

Contemporary Wood Compass - Hikers Wood Pocket Compass with Leather Strap for Hiking, Camping, Nature Lovers
"My creations are 'Made in Michigan" and represent some of the beautiful trees found here in our wonderful Great Lakes State. Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop. All of my products are Earth Friendly products made from one of earth's greatest masterpieces, Trees. It's wonderful seeing something emerge from one of nature's beautiful creations. How great is that? Most of my branches comes from my the local wood drop off site or storm fallen branches on my property. Occasionally a friend or co-worker will leave a branch for me because they know I will make something wonderful out of it. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. We should always leave a little something of ourselves behind for others to inspire, admire and cherish. It's been such a blessing having buyers purchase one of my products. Every customer is dearly appreciated. I also sell natural earthy supplies and wedding decor at my other etsy shop which can be found here:"
bio written by Linda via her etsy profile page