Thursday, July 28, 2011

whimsy whimsical

the wonderful - Print
"Hi, I'm Mr Fox, the manager of Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods :)
Me and my love, Mrs Fox are staying at the east side of Whimsy Whimsical Forest with plenty of sunshine and wild berries. This shop is actually belong to Yee Von whom I have met in June 2010. She is a freelance illustrator from Malaysia. After a few chat, she kindly invited me to take care of this new shop while she's busy with her own one -
Yee Von's artworks are original pen on paper and colored digitally. She loves forest animals and often pay us a visit, bringing nice fruit cakes and chocolates! We usually sit down at the garden and chit chat the whole day! Sometimes our lovely neighbor, Mr & Mrs Rabbit, the kind and gentle Mr Hedgehog who live apposite the street, and sweet Mr & Mrs Squirrel at the west side will join us as well."
bio written by whimsywhimsical via his etsy profile

of love

morocco - painted filigree, sterling silver earrings
"i love making jewelry. i draw inspiration from nature, people & materials i see. most of the pieces i create are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. i spend a lot of my spare time creating pieces, and perfecting my techniques. if it's not good enough for me to wear, you won't find it in my shop."
mini-bio written by Liane via her etsy profile

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Crocheted Lace Collar Cotton Yarn Top, Blouse, Tunic, Gift For Her, White And Grey Gray
"Welcome to Kitty016 shop. In this lovely shop, you can find wonderful traditional Turkish hand made scarves with lace edging -crochet or needle lace-, shawls, necklaces and earrings. All of them reflects Anatolion spirit.
All goods are one-of-a-kind or made in a limited edition and will be sent in a nice packaging. If you want some changes in one of my pieces of jewelry please let me know. Every change is possible.
All customer orders accepted. Our goods are produced in non-smoking area.
By buying one of my needle lace scarves or brooches, you will help my 75 years old Grand mom :) who needs Money for living."
bio written by Kitty016 via the etsy profile.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mrs Pomeranz

Hokusai Wrap Dress
"Hello, I’m Dasha Pomeranzev! I live in London and in Moscow. I love vintage clothes and have been collecting vintage 50s dresses several years. Then I realized there were less and less beautiful vintage dresses around, and I started to dream of creating my own collection. I spent hours in the fabric department of Liberty’s in London. I analysed and broke down how 50s dresses were made. I created some prototypes for friends…and ended up with a ‘New Look’ collection
We have adapted 50s models to reflect how women’s figures have changed in the following decades. Not all vintage dresses suit today’s women- they can be too full in the chest and too thin at the waist. Our dresses fit perfectly: the full dress slims the figure exactly where it needs to, the length makes your legs look longer. The fabrics are Italian and English (from Liberty), with high-contrast prints, or Scottish tweed. We make no more than ten dresses from each fabric.
I hope that you will love my dresses and they will become your favourites."
bio written by Dasha via her etsy profile

Monday, July 25, 2011


Ornate White Rabbit Brooch
"Poodlebreath lives in Vancouver BC, Canada, where the owls are not what they seem. She's inspired mostly by nature, like raccoons and squirrels and some feathered creatures. Sometimes, if you listen closely enough, you can hear poodlebreath yipping with the coyotes in the night..."
mini-bio written by poodlebreath via the etsy profile

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tom Banwell

Hearts leather mask in red
"My wife Jill and I live in Penn Valley, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a rural area and we have my studio under the house. I get to enjoy watching the deer and other wildlife traipse by the window, which provides a relaxing atmosphere in which to be creative.
When not doing art (or working), we like to garden and cook (and eat) fine food."
bio written by Tom via his etsy profile

Sarah McIntyre

What Lies Beneath- Mixed Media Magazine Collage
"Hi, I'm Sarah. I am a studio artist, the best free labor in my husband’s high school art classroom, and the mom of two fluffy white dogs and a frog. We live in Port Lavaca, a small town on the coast of Texas. I love making art, talking with Nick, my husband, at Skillets (the small diner in town), seeing my family and friends, dancing in the rain, putt-putt, walking the beach, and of course not quitting my day job.
I graduated with a BFA in studio art in 2008, from Sam Houston State University. One of my favorite mediums to work in is collage (using magazine paper), but I go through fazes where I love to paint.
If you have questions about how I made something, or what techniques I use feel free to ask. I also update what I am working on pretty regularly on my blog site if you are interested check it out."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kali Butterfly

Dancing Leaves Chainmaille Bib Necklace - Pink
"I am one obsessive lady. I used to collect just about everything I found interesting, now I spend my time linking lots of little rings together and sewing lots of beads to each other and to fabric. I love playing with materials to create all the ideas that pop into my head.
Although I've been making jewelry for most of my life, I decided to make jewelry my full-time job a few years ago. I've worked as a production assistant for a few Chicago-area jewelry designers, and currently teach chainmaille jewelry classes throughout Chicago.
Here you'll find my latest creations. I make whatever strikes my fancy, but if you want something else, feel free to contact me--I love making custom pieces."
bio written by KaliButterfly via the etsy profile

Friday, July 22, 2011

Angie Muldowney

Lovely Lavender
"Angie Muldowney trained at art college and has always worked in the field of art and design. Photography is a huge passion and she loves creating new images and products in new and exciting ways.
She was born, bred and currently resides in Southampton, England – home of the Titanic, Mr Kipling Cakes and Benny Hill! The seaside of the south coast influences a lot of her work.
Angie Muldowney uses a range of photographic equipment, from vintage TLR's and toy plastic camera's to the latest digital SLR cameras."
bio written by angiemuldowney via the etsy profile


Circle of FlowersThrow Pillow Cover - 18" x 18" Decorative Pillow Cover - Oatmeal Linen with Deep Purple Floral Embroidery
"Hi! I am living in Jakarta (Indonesia) with my husband and our beautiful daughter.
This is my full time job for last 5 years. Formerly for almost 10 years I worked in Financial Company and did it as hobby only. Until one time, I realized that my passion is here and left my full time job.
I work in my workshop at the first floor of my home so I can works and still have much time with my daughter."
bio written by Kainkain via her etsy profile

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Untitled by lieschenmueller
Untitled, a photo by lieschenmueller on Flickr.

Glazed Over

Boxy Creamer and Sugar set
"I've been hand throwing and slab building clay forms for nearly 20 years. Most of my work is functional and tends toward earthy design vocabulary with an occasional inclination toward the eccentric or anthropomorphic. I am partial to earthtones and warm hues but can also find inspiration in a bold, splashy palette."
mini-bio written by Jill via her etsy profile

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Organic / Upcycled / Repurposed Summer Dress- LARGE
"Hi! My name is Leah and I'm the founder of Alidade. I started this line a year ago to create sustainable and versatile pieces for the modern, mobile woman. I use my bike to get everywhere and I always keep comfort and function in mind when designing."
mini-bio written by Leah via her etsy profile

Friday, July 15, 2011

designs by cher

Antiqued Copper Cherry & Smokey Quartz Freeform Pendant - Wire Wrapped Marquis - Hand Forged
"Hi! My name is Cher and I am addicted to gemstones, beads, metals and all the little bits that go into designing jewelry... it's my passion!
I live in a cute little house with 4 furry felines who have me perfectly trained to meet their every need, along with feathered fowl I raise for eggs and fun!"
mini-bio written by Cher via her etsy profile

Monday, July 11, 2011

Leafbone Furniture

Oak King Sized Bed on DaWanda

Discovered on DaWanda

By: leafbone

Oak King Sized Bed

DaWanda Shop-Widget

"Hand made furniture, mostly solid wood, but incorporating glass, metals, ceramic and anything else that fits the design.
I am not a purest, so i use what ever techniques or technology needed to get the result i am after."
mini-bio written by Leafbone via his DaWanda profile

Sunday, July 10, 2011


A Thousand Things- Pink Chalcedony and Garnet Earrings
"Colors we avoid and colors we love, we can never make up our minds about the best color in this colorful world.
Natural stones reflect colors beautifully, I try to arrange these colors and see what looks good with what and many times can't really get it all right- I fail and I put it all together again and I really enjoy the process.
I am a mom and also working on my MBA degree at UNC, Chapel Hill. I have been making jewelry for 4 years, but have been playing with colors for a very long time. Creating a new piece everyday is my way of breathing..."
bio written by Gupta via the etsy profile


Summer Nights Shooting Stars Clear Glass Ball Mason Jar Cluster Swag Light
"Hello! We are Jeff and Mark. We named our shop after two of our cats, Boots & Gus. Our design backgrounds and love for all things vintage led us to Etsy and we love being here!
We specialize in originally designed, up-cycled lighting and we also love offering stylish and affordable vintage housewares.
We both adore vintage kids books and offer a large collection in our shop.
We love vintage vinyl and offer some of that too!
We strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers.
We will keep you updated on the status of your order, take extra care in packaging, and we're always available to answer any questions you might have."
bio written by BootsNGus via their etsy profile

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Strength by Mia Araujo
Strength, a photo by Mia Araujo on Flickr.

30” x 22”
Acrylic on wood.

for "Seeing is Believing," my portion of the 3-person show at Corey Helford Gallery, opening September 25th.

stephanie monroe

FRIENDSHIP PACK Pepper Camille and Heidi Mini Bean Bag Dolls
"A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design, this Brooklyn-based designer loves creating in all natural mediums. She believes in offering high-quality, earth-friendly products that leave a positive impact on our environment.
The Honey Pie Tree was started to share a piece of her world connecting children and adults back to the land of imaginary play."
bio written by stephaniemonroe via her etsy profile

Friday, July 8, 2011

Karolinfelix Dream

powder pink Tulle Garland - home and garden decor
"I'm an Artist, Architect and Dreamer.This is a wild mix as art is free while architecture is not...
If I had a chance to scream out one thing to the world, I would say- 'Don't stop creating!.... unless You've run out of food... than just go and buy some.'
They say creativity runs in the family.
My mother used to design and sew her own clothes. It was the subject of envy as that was the time of Socialism and shops were empty. My father is a self taught carpenter & inventor. They both made the KarolinFelixDream collection possible, participating in the design process & sharing the experience.
I always fancied product and interior design and was thinking about this collection since a while. Some people start the design process from analyzing the function and adding form as a secondary matter,others quite the opposite. I always choose the third scenario-putting together form and function at the same time - I feel that's the proper way, as both of them matter. I don't sketch it, but rather imagine whole process. I know the properties of wood, fabric, clay. I know the technology & possibilities of tools. When I've thought it through, there's time for first prototypes and after that - figuring out unexpected problems. When all is done, there's only one thing left - to show your creation to the Big Audience.
In my art you will find a bit of fairy-tale, folk influence and modern, functional simplicity at the same time.
Unusual pieces of home decor and fashion are born from this mix... zen gardens, natural beautiful buttons, tiny houses.... crayon jewelry with memories... fairytale and beauty of nature in surprising form.
What do I like? Chocolate... curious things... coffee... curious things... sleeping....sea... puppets & theatres...vintage shops... comic books... books...things..oh so many things I like (:"
bio written by KarolinfelixDream via the etsy profile

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{happy fence friday :: the dreamy fence}

sometimes i walk mr kobe in this street. and as i have mentioned before... this is my favourite time in lisbon, due to all these blooming trees.

happy fence friday!

f/2.2 1/1000, ISO 100, 50mm, Canon 550D

Monday, July 4, 2011


Shadow Pods Moleskine . Pocket . Plain
"Ghost writers, imaginary friends, runaways, unite! Goshdarnknit is illustrated notebooks for your pockets and knit paintings for your walls, all by DC artist Rania. She knits, paints, and gocco prints every surface imaginable with swirly tales of cherry swallowing, bunny spinning, arm doodling fun.
Rania is a graphic designer, painter and illustrator. She was born in New York City and grew up traveling the world. Rania now calls Washington, DC home and has settled in a sunny neighborhood called Bloomingdale.
In 2009, Rania was awarded a ‘Craft Award of Distinction for Fiber’ from the James Renwick Alliance, and a Artist Fellowship Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities."
bio written by shoofly via the etsy profile

Friday, July 1, 2011

Woodsmith Jewelers

Happy Canada Day!

Zebrawood / Sterling Silver / Maple Leaf Necklace
"I have over 20 years experience as a tool maker for the jewelry industry. I have combined my experience with my love for woodworking to create Woodsmith Jewelry."
mini-bio written by WoodsmithJewelers via his etsy profile