Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Sad Donkeys

Hanna - White Tailed Female Deer, Art Puppet Marionette Stuffed Animal Felted Toy. beige neutral cream brown
"I like felt and love marionettes, and these two facts come together here in my store. And these toys are result of this love I‘ve been working in State Puppet Theater as a set and puppet designer. I’ve also been working in felted wool for about 7 years. I was born in Estonia, studied fine art in Russia, in Moscow Textile Academia. Now I live in Republic of Georgia (Caucasus), in native land of my husband. He and our three boys are the biggest friends and fans in my life. I’m also part of group of women who love to spend our “free” time together making marionettes from natural materials for our small Waldorf school puppet theater. Once a month we show our fairy tales for our kindergarten’s and school’s children. I’m inspired by nature, animals, children’s creativity, ancient rock painting and of course by art of Mark Chagall. I truly love I do and I thank God for this life I live."
bio written by Olga via her etsy profile

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