Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jayne Norvelle

Stack Rings Set of 6 Sterling Copper and Brass Custom Size
"I have always been driven to create art in some form, drawing and painting, an art handed down from my mom. When I discovered jewelry design I really found my niche. I create my jewelry as a piece of wearable art. Each piece is a careful blending of color and form, balancing both for an original work. Jewelry design has given me an outlet for both my creativity and the love I have always had for rocks, stones, gems, of all shapes and sizes. While I work mainly with silver and stone, some pieces use resin, copper, brass or 14k gold. My inspiration is found in those things at their natural state, in the texture, and color of the organic. The feel, weight, temperature, shape, and color of the stone itself often will inspire the end result. Many of the stones are found on my local beach while walking my dogs, I bring the stones home and polish them. I am a self taught silversmith and all of the silver is hand forged. Just as nothing in nature is ever exactly the same, no two pieces of my jewelry are exactly the same. While some I do try to duplicate as much as possible, most of my pieces are one of a kind. My Etsy Shop was started at the constant prodding of my daughter an artistic photographer and all around awesome person! HERE's a bit more about me with a photo of me in my workspace from our local paper"
bio written by Jayne via her etsy profile

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