Sunday, November 25, 2012

what a novel idea

Cat Black and White with Mouse Necklace Image Jewelry Sale
"I've always enjoyed the creative process and have a deep appreciation for anyone who embarks on creative journeys. Most of my creative work has been in the performing arts and includes singing, dance and acting. I lead a 1940s inspired band called The Maisies that performs three part harmony swing jazz here in Toronto and from that I've been inspired to create jewelry with vintage themes. Seems I always need to be doing something creative and so I built a studio and started making these pieces for my new jewelry shop. I attempt to allow each design to tell its own story whether it's a tale taken from a vintage circus poster, a classic novel or a scene taken from every day life. I'm very up to the challenge of creating customized orders and have successfully completed quite a few. If you have an idea let me know and I'll get to work!"
bio written by Chantelle via her etsy profile page

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