Friday, July 31, 2009

a big update

I feel bad for not posting lately, alot of new things to add:
July 26th, we took a drive to Stewiake and went to Farmer Clem's (a garden center) It was a gorgeous sunny and relaxing day. Just what I needed! I took over 130 pictures there and was even able to get some photos of baby robins whose nest was in one of the little spruce trees for sale there.

I was extrememly busy sewing little felt coats for Blythe. They just kept selling and selling each time I relisted them! I am shocked at the amount of sales I got this month on etsy! I will have to come up with some new designs to keep people's intrest!

Some more outfits that I have sewn recently:

I am getting lots of submissions for my Artist Zine and am so happy that artists are taking to this idea!

Here are a few of my newest favorites on etsy:

1. White Top Drilled Teardrop Freshwater Pearls 8 Inches 20cm by HannahsSupplies
2. Revolver Gun Pocket Knife Necklace with Free Shipping by contrary
3. Zen - Ultimate Relaxation Soaking Salts for Stress Relief by SpaGoddess
4. Michael Miller Peggy Paisley 2pk Fat Quarter Group x
by barb70

5. Vintage Bride Doll by trudyp
6. LAVENDER Acne-Detox Facial Soap with Charcoal and Clay -Eczema -Psoriasis -Dermatitis -Sensitive Skin by BathAndBodyBoutique
7. 6 pcs Plain Round Brass Lockets Medium 21mm x 24mm by softcover
8. Salt and Pepper Shakers by SusanKniffinDavidson

Friday, July 24, 2009


I checked my etsy this morning and was happy to receive my 70th sale! wow! I am so pleased in the success of my etsy shop. Pleased and shocked. I will have to come up with some new designs for doll clothes to keep people interested...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sewing doll clothes & Greys and Creams

So, I've been busy sewing doll clothes the last few days. Trying to come up with some new styles and new ideas so that things don't get borring. Using the same dress pattern over and over tends to get grusome after a while. I love the puffy polka-dotted dress. I just used my bubble dress pattern, only I didn't finish off the bottom, as usual. Instead I added a fun, ruffle trim. I got the pattern for the Momoko dress from my dolly dolly pattern book, as well as the pattern for the raincoat from the same book (slightly modified). What do you think?
I have really been into greys and creams lately...

1. Hana embroidery mini quilt by: Mairuru
2. S.A.L.E Every day Bag - Genius in Grey with Leather Strap by: lovejanice 3. Linen lace pincushion by: namolio
4. Ivory Rose - Vintage Findings Ring by: WhimsyHouse
5. No need to travel light Vintage 50s Hollywood golden yellow large luggage suitcase by: yellowdogvintage
6. 60 Vintage Grey Mixed Button Lot by: jantiques
7. Emily Top Custom Size by: StudioApparel
8. 5 needle felted wool acorns - Gray days of winter by: felted
9. Vintage lace needlebook by: Ravenhill
10. Purity - Sterling Silver and Pearl Cluster Earrings by: TraciSimsDesigns
11. XL Tattoo Octopus v-neck shirt on gray ..... Women's XL tee by phippsart
12. SALE. gray leather notebook by jovencio

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm desperately searching for...

I'm desperately searching for some Testors Dullcoat OR some Mr. Super Clear. Anyone know where to find this stuff & someone who will ship to Canada? Any help would be so appreciated!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July

Sunday ramblings

One of my biggest pet peeves is feeling like crap on days when it's so sunny and warm out. You just feel so lousy and don't feel like doing anything. Then you feel depressed because you can't go out and enjoy, what feels like, the only day of sunshine. I can't stand that.
So, I've been working on my perzine, and have contacted different photographers to see if I can use their photos, that I've seen on flickr and google searches. They've all said yes & I will try to send them a copy of the zine when it's finished. I think I will go with the title "Creepy Doll" because that's what I'm all about... well, one of my favorite things anyways!

I finished my scrappy quilt top. It is huge! When I laid it out, however, each side is a different measurement... it's not square, or rectangle, at all... We need to make some sort of a frame (with straping and clamps?) so that it can be stretched in the right places and pieces added in the right places. It's such a colorful quilt, full of my fabric scraps!