Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cart Before The Horse

Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg Contemporary Folk Art Doll Sculpture Hand Painted Original OOAK
"We are Dylan & Jo.
We're a mom-and-dad business, a two-person company of artists. We make the kind of art we like, then we open our doors to you. All of our creations are made one at a time.
We make them with our own hands, since these are the only hands we have. We call ourselves Cart Before The Horse because we're always getting ahead of ourselves."
bio written by cartbeforethehorse via the etsy profile

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pure Nature Photos

Dock Photograph 16x20
"I have always loved being outdoors. Even as a child I would pause to look at a beautiful flower in my mother's garden or sit quietly at the end of the day to watch a spectacular sunset. Unfortunatly, I live in the north and am forced to spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months. Years ago, I began to take photographs on those summer days so I could look back at them during the winter.
As I improved my skills and upgraded my cameras, my art began to decorate my home and then my friends and families homes as well. Now, I would like to share it with you."
bio written by Elizabeth via her etsy profile

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aida Coronado

Angel hippie chic Bohemian tunic from Mexico cotton gauze crochet unique style v neck 2 layers
"On Etsy, Aida Coronado presents her stunning Mexico collection, the clothing, jewelry designs featured in Coronado´s Mexican collection are always handmade, upcycled or/and vintage handpicked or/and designed by her.
This stunning collection is about a bohemian, magic and creative life.
It is based on handcrafted details from a traditional vintage folk lifestyle.
You would notice the beautiful and carefully done feminine & romantic details full of tradition, culture and bright colors in every piece of Coronado´s collection, surely would make your inner flower child to fall in love with.
Aida Coronado collection is inspired by a trendy girl, the surfer gal, a bohemian woman and hippie chicks.
This collections is dedicated to:
Those who share a romantic perspective.
Those who like natural and organic fabrics.
Those who are earth friendly and enjoy every chance to help the environment.
Is for those who believe in themselves.
Those who are aware of the world
For those who believe in everybody.
Those who believe in fair trade.
Those who have a good vibe and a good spirit.
Those who love to breathe a new life.
Is specially for those who believe in LOVE.
Be UNIQUE, be different, create your own free style combine art & culture and breathe your new life."
bio written by Aida via the etsy profile

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beth Nadler Art

Horse Garden Fine Art Print
"During the past years, my work has appeared in numerous gift shows and hundreds of stores including ANTHROPOLOGIE and ABC CARPET AND HOME, and many major publications such as; COUNTRY HOME, COUNTRY LIVING and MARY ENGELBREIT'S HOME COMPANION.
I love working out of my studio in Mamaroneck, NY where In addition to my Etsy shop, I design for the home decor market doing product and textile design.
My work expresses my love for color, pattern, and design. Mixing and matching colors and shapes in a unique way is one of my passions. I find that the item I'm making is just a vehicle to show-off my funky patterns!
I'm grateful that I'm able to do what I love and get to share that with you."
bio written by Beth via her etsy profile

Thursday, March 22, 2012

shop thailand

Flower Bag -Unique beautiful fun colorful clutch purse, handbag, diaper bag
"Hi and welcome to shopthailand ,are handmade Items are all made at are workshop in chiangmai we have been making goods from recycle fabrics for the bast 20 years, We also do wholesale, or spacial orders, please dont hesitate to contacted use anytime ! any wholesale orders JUST TRY , and see how good we are !! < A Little about CM > Chiang Mai has over 300 Buddhist temples (called "wat" in Thai). These include:
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, the city's most famous temple, stands on Doi Suthep, a hill to the north-west of the city. This temple dates from 1383. By tradition, its site was chosen by placing a relic of the Lord Buddha on an elephant's back and letting it roam until it trumpeted, then circled, and finally laid down and died. The temple's location provides views of the city on a clear day.
Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, dates from the 13th century. King Mengrai lived here during the construction of the city. This temple houses two important and venerated Buddha figures, the marble Phra Sila and the crystal Phra Satang Man.
Wat Phra Singh is located within the city walls, dates from 1345 and offers an example of classic northern Thai style architecture. It houses the Phra Singh Buddha, a highly venerated figure brought here many years ago from Chiang Rai. Visitors can also take part in meditation classes here.
Wat Chedi Luang was founded in 1401 and is dominated by a large Lanna style chedi which took many years to finish. An earthquake damaged the chedi in the 16th century and only two-thirds of it remains.
Wat Chet Yot is located on the outskirts of the city. Built in 1455, the temple hosted the Eighth World Buddhist Council in 1977."
bio written by Dell via the etsy profile

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Violets Felt Coin Purse
"I am an artist. I enjoy experimenting and working with different media. I hope through my art that I can share with you the joy and love that I feel. Thank you for the support"
mini-bio written by Natalia via the etsy profile

Saturday, March 17, 2012

the pendant emporium

Spirit of the Night art pendant
"I've always loved art, and repurposing fine art, antique fairytale illustrations, the whimsical and the slightly odd into wearable pieces has become an obsession these last few years. My 34-year old son (Dan, the computer guru) has been helping with copper work and craft shows for over 20 years now (he started young) and is now an integral part of ThePendantEmporium. We hope you enjoy wearing these little pieces as much as we enjoy making them!"
bio written by Sherry via the etsy profile

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Irena Sophia

Steam Girl print of original drawing
"Irena Sophia is a artist living in South Salem, NY. She spent her childhood in Europe then moved to New York. Her style of work is greatly influenced by combination of vintage illustration, folk art and modern design. She is inspired greatly by soft lines, serene scenes, creating a world of inner quietness and delicacy. She holds Fine Art degree in painting and spends her time dedicating herself fully to her art."
bio written by IrenaSophia via her etsy profile

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Organic cotton fleece dress - Aspen
"Designing clothes is my passion. Being obsessed with everything organic and pure I strive to use as many natural and organic materials in my creations as possible.
My fabrics are carefully selected from different sources around the world and I design, make patterns and sew everything from scratch to create unique and comfortable pieces you would end up wearing again and again.
On a personal note, I was raised and received my medical degree in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I also completed Art and Fashion studies at Royal Danish Art Academy. I now live a quiet life outside Ottawa with my wonderful and very supportive family. I enjoy traveling to the ocean, collecting original art and playing piano."
bio written by Natallia via her etsy profile

3 Sisters Country Store

Reclaimed Rustic Tea Light Candle Holders - Set of 2 - Sealed
"For that warm country feel and rustic decor you've come to the right place. At 3sisterscountry store we are all about family and home. My husband and I have always really enjoyed the outdoors. We love to teach our seven kids about the beauty of nature around us. One of the loves of my life has always been capturing the beauty God paints in the sky. We spend a lot of time taking pictures of nature around me, and our children have grown up loving to do the same. We delight in making decor for our home out of those blessings, as a way of bringing that artistry indoors. We started this store as a way to share that natural elegance, and we hope you enjoy it to."
bio written by 3SistersCountryStore via their etsy profile

Monday, March 12, 2012

karen sanders

Hanging Mobile Balance Blue
"I’m Karen, a mother, wife and artist.
As an artist my art is constantly evolving. I change from 2D to 3D, from paint to sculpture, to multimedia as a medium and back again. The material I work with is essential as a guide to the how and what of my work. I get fired up by materials.
At the moment I'm working on wire sculptures, ornaments and knit markers,
because as a mom I love to knit things for my little one.
So don't be surprised when you see knitting finds it's way in this shop too.
Working in so many different ways also helps me to constantly fuel my inspiration. When I’m stuck on one thing I just turn to something completely different.
I hope you’ll like it. Be welcome, and drop in as often as you like!"
bio written by Karen via her etsy profile


Wings of Iris- Organza Necklace
"I'm originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul/Turkey.
I've created all my life, I never want to stop doing that, no matter what medium it is. Jewelry designing has been my creative outlet for the last 7 years. I'm strongly passionate about it, as I'm also passionate about dreaming,doodling,thinking about random things in life, being curious,people,reading,writing,photographing,nature,loving,not sleeping (insomnia yes!).
I believe I add a lot from myself to my designs when I'm creating, so they kind of mirror little parts of my life, culture, or emotions, and what I observe visually.. That's why every piece I create is very special to me, as I find myself thinking 'I should keep this one to myself' too often, but never do actually. :)"
bio written by Derya via her etsy profile

Saturday, March 10, 2012

catherine reece

Large ceramic blue peacock plate, spring garden dinnerware
"Hi, my name is Catherine Reece. All of my work is hand drawn by me featuring whimsical designs and bright colors. I do all my work out of my home studio with my husband Scott while our two small children, Jackson and Kennedy play with clay too. It's a family affair.
become a fan!!/pages/Village-Clayworks/169110533131789
I am truely grateful for the gifts that God has given me to help provide for my family. For my wonderful husband who is my greatest fan and true love and for my children who are my inspiration.
I grew up in Sierra Madre, Ca. in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. I've had my hands in clay for the last 14 years. I've tried other mediums in art such as water color, drawing, intaglio etching, photography and wood block printing. I find that I can combine most all of these art processes when creating a piece in ceramics. I like to look at each piece and use it as a blank canvas to draw on.
Many years ago I first saw a dragonfly on a lake in Cable, Wisconsin and was fascinated with its flight and vivid colors. I began to draw other insects, the "dung" scarab beetle, and praying mantis. God created each beautiful and intricate insect and I feel compelled to draw them and tell their stories.
People say to me - you must have a great sense of humor! And I tell them - it's just the facts. It's just the facts! And yes, I know these stories are quite silly. And some may say - well, that was more than I really needed to know! and I just smile...
Although not every aspect of my pieces are made by me I strive to make my process of creation as "green" as possible. I fire all of my work in an electric kiln that is supplemented by solar panels on our roof. In addition we travel to the various art shows we do in our diesel truck that runs on recycled vegetable oil..."
bio written by Catherine via the etsy profile

Thursday, March 8, 2012

is was+will be

The Helsinki Series in Coral- Modern Geometric Necklace or Bracelet
"ISWAS+WILLBE is a design collective owned and operated by husband/wife team Rex + Telle Lefler. We design intentional modern jewelry with an emphasis on hand cut raw brass, rare + ethically sourced materials and high-quality finishes.
Inspired by concepts of antiquity, modernity and infinity, ISWAS+WILLBE designs are timeless and glamorous, yet affordable and versatile. We are inspired by the journeys of life; our jewelry designs are the tangible narratives of our experiences.
We make a conscious effort to use ethically sourced, re-claimed vintage and new old stock materials. All of our jewelry is produced in-house and uses a combination of American-, European-, and otherwise ethically made finishes including Irish waxed linen, German silk, Czech seed beads, and a mixture of Italian and Indonesian precious metals. All of our metals are lead- and nickel-free."
bio written by iswasandwillbe via the etsy profile

Little Muse

Red Squirrel (autumn). original illustration on sustainable timber

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hand Embroidery Hoop - The Green Gang
"MOXIEDOLL - An attractive woman with aggressive energy, spirit and know-how.
A little background...
I was born and raised in the small, rural town of Salem, OH. Growing up I spent my days fashioning Barbie dolls and choreographing dance routines with my neighborhood friends in the backyard. A bibliophile from inception, I was also notorious for carrying books everywhere I went and even co-authored an illustrated chapter book with my best friend in the sixth grade. In high school I developed a passion for taking pictures and eventually merged my love of writing and photography by working on the school newspaper and yearbook. I left for college with lofty dreams of one day becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic, but ended up graduating with a B.A. in English and aspirations of librarianship.
After pursuing my MLIS at Kent State, I landed my first professional position as Fiction and Audiovisual Librarian in the artsy community of Oak Park, IL. A move to the city to get paid to talk about books and movies with people? It seemed like a dream come true for this country mouse! Shortly after my move in 2002, I discovered the emerging DIY scene in Chicago and decided I wanted to become a part of it. So I ordered some Sublime Stitching patterns, taught myself how to embroider and quickly began selling my creations at craft fairs.
My love of variety and desire to try new things led me to explore many crafts over the next several years - everything from screenprinting to jewelry making. And I simultaneously began to work my way up at the library, taking on more advanced job titles. Ultimately though I returned to the craft I know and love best - hand embroidery. In 2009 I began stitching primarily retro inspired designs using vintage materials and almost immediately began receiving continuous positive feedback from customers and the crafting community.
After finding the library ladder climbing to be more tiring and less rewarding than I had hoped, I decided to leave library land in July 2010 in order to pursue my crafting business and find my next professional path. I am still searching and settling into my new working life, but I am much happier and looking forward to what the future will bring!"
bio written by Mandy via the etsy profile

Monday, March 5, 2012

Scratch Craft

Needle Felted Bird Ornament - Chickadee
"There is immense satisfaction with being able to take materials (from scratch) and put them together in different ways to make usable stuff (to craft). We are a husband and wife team that spend a lot of our time doing just that. From knitting and crocheting, to weaving and spinning, bookbinding and felting; this shop is a way to share our projects and, we hope, offer a bit of inspiration."
bio written by scratchcraft via the etsy profile

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leanne Surfleet

Tunnel // 35mm Expired Film // Leanne Surfleet

Countenance Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl and Amethyst Cluster Earrings, June Birthstone, February Birthstone, by Countenance Jewelry on Etsy
"I love days when inspiration is practically shooting out of my fingertips, when design ideas crowd into each other in my head faster than I can make them with my hands, when all I have to do to create something I love is start working. However, there are also those painful days when I sit down and feel nothing, see nothing in my mind's eye, and have the energy of a slug. But, when the going gets tough, the tough go make brownies (no nuts, extra chocolate chips).
Everything in my shop is lovingly handmade by me, and each piece is ready for immediate shipment. I am a self-taught jewelry-maker and designer with a deep love for the art. I've been making jewelry since 2004 and selling on Etsy since 2007, beginning with my previous shop . I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with jewelry - it's part of who I am.
I am also a wife, mother and grandmother with an incredible, supportive husband who encourages me to pursue two of my greatest passions: taking care of my little granddaughter, and designing and making jewelry.
As for my shop name, the beautiful language of yesterday defines 'countenance' as "demeanor, bearing - the manner in which one bears or comports oneself". A more modern definition is, "appearance, especially the features and expression of the face". In other words, what we are feeling inside usually ends up written in the lines and features of our face.
Our choice of jewelry can also be a visual expression of what we are feeling -- or maybe what we want to feel -- just like the clothes we choose to wear. What we use to adorn our bodies can be a reflection of our emotions. And when we are sad, restless, or feeling unhappy, wearing things that make us feel joyful, peaceful, or hopeful can also provide us with the encouragement and self-love needed to turn our negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.
It's often said that the jewelry we love speaks to us. It's also true that the jewelry we love speaks about us, giving clues about our inner-self, our spirituality and a myriad of emotions. How satisfying it is to be able to say with our outward appearance what we are feeling inside or hope to feel: the language of our countenance.
Each piece I've made reflects a design that brings me joy and also reflects my own spirit at the time I designed it. My purpose in bringing my jewelry to you is that you will find something that exhibits your own unique and varied countenance, and that it will speak to those around you who care to listen."
bio written by Lynne via her etsy profile

Friday, March 2, 2012

Licia Basille

Bright Red Zinnia
"Licia Basille received a degree in fine arts from University of Massachusetts/Amherst then immediately accepted an internship in textile design at Liberty of London in London,England. After working and playing in Europe for a time she returned to the US where she worked in NYC for ECHO scarves and immersed herself in the art scene. Then she moved to Santa Fe, NM for inspiration, worked at an antique Indian art gallery, fell madly in love and produced some of her most inspired work. Since then she has been self employed in many artistic and design capacities including interior design consultant, photo stylist, floral designer and as a commissioned artist . An avid gardener and floral enthusiast Licia spends as much time as possible painting in her studio and cultivating her garden. She is married with two children and resides in Corvallis."
bio written by KucuaBasille via the etsy profile.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suzanne Millius

Pisces Fish March Birthday Teal Blue Swirls of Water original illustration ART Print Hand SIGNED size 8 x 10
"I was an artist when I was born.....I'll be an artist when I die.....its who I am - Art is the core of my being....
Hello...My name is suzanne millius. I am the owner of this lovely little special shop - Studio3ten. I live in the midwest about 3 hours west of Chicago - in a charming city called, Dubuque. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River in a city filled with very cold winters, hot summers and beautiful crisp falls.
Simply put, I am an artist - living, breathing in the world around me - and creating pieces that are parts of my soul.
I have loved drawing, painting and writing since birth...I come from a family of artists and musicians. My mother is an artist - My father a musician ....(a wonderful environment for a little pisces to flourish!) Growing up, someone was either drawing/painting at the kitchen table - and music was always in the background. Art is the most amazing outlet for is literally saturated in my soul.
I am influenced by everything around me, fashion, color, music (I love just about everything - classical, rock, R and B, Jazz, Blue Grass, name it, I love it....) My 3 FAVORITE bands - Queen, Nirvana and Chevelle. I love antiques, and anything old and rusty with a story to tell......other 'non-tangible' things that influence me: the past, the future, the weather, animals, other people....I love day dreaming - and just soaking in the world around me. Any time I have a spare second in the day - I create more art.
I enjoy sarcasm and humor - I think top hats should be mandatory - and think dogs ROCK !
I hope you find something here you can connect to........I promise to repond to all convos - package your piece carefully and send your way with love.......
It is also worth noting - and is completely irrelevant, that I LOVE Johnny Depp - and James Dean **gush, gush** I am BIG fans of their work *(although James work is short lived) but they make the world of movies - a place where you can escape and live through someone elses eyes... a MUCH better place.......and I thank them for that :)"
bio written by Suzanne via her etsy profile