Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crow Jane Jewelry

Gold retaining ring, turquoise and vintage steel point drop earrings
"Crow Jane Jewelry features unique, whimsical jewelry inspired by the dichotomy between nature and industry and by the shapes of ancient cultures. Hardware pieces like retaining rings and cotter pins are mixed with organic findings like crystals and stones to make strong, timeless pieces."
mini-bio written by Jessica via the etsy profile

Friday, May 17, 2013


Wild Elk Pendant
"Hi! I'm Raisa, and I make my crafts here in Helsinki, Finland, and send them all over the world. I basically make things that I would like to wear and use, and hope that others like them too. I especially love glitter, pink, and strange and unusual textures and fabrics. All my goods are vegan, so you don't have to worry about there being any animal products involved. I love to work with my hands, and I hope you enjoy my little creations!"
bio written by Raisa via the etsy profile.

abigail brown

Paper Mâché Bear
"I am a textile artist and illustrator. I am an extreme hoarder and tremendous mess maker!"
mini-bio written by Abigail via the etsy profile

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Women's Ivory Dragonfly Tee Original art of a detailed handpainted Dragonfly
"My name is Roza and I am originally from Kazakhstan ( yes this country does exist). Being born into a family of two artists, I was in love with everything creative. After finishing design school in Manhattan, New York, I was working in fashion industry for about 8 years. Now I am often traveling (which gives me endless inspiration) and producing the highest quality clothing made of the most supple luxurious materials and most flattering cuts, then adding unique art to them."
bio written by Roza via the etsy profile


fox art, fox watercolor, Watercolor painting- reproduction- "Foxes and Ferns" print of watercolor painting
"I'm Amber, the woman behind the catchy, hip shop name, "amberalexander";) I live in Vermont in a very beautiful, but moody climate. Half of the year is pastoral and like a dream. The other half can be trying. The season changes are charming and interesting, but winter could stand to let up a little earlier than she does. I have always been an artist, and as a child, drew page after page of girls with different outfits on, and animals in clothes (inspired by Beatrix Potter of course). Later, I attended a liberal arts school with a major in Art and minor in Art History. Watercolors are my medium of choice. I love the way the flow of ideas from my head and heart flowed directly onto the paper. I recently had a children's book published with my illustrations. It was published by a Vermont Publisher, Radiant Hen, The book is entitled "Ninny Nu's Organic Farm" and all of the characters are animals. It tells a story about how bigger is not always necessarily better. :) When I am not painting, packing orders or curating treasuries on Etsy (the closest I'll ever get to being a museum curator), I am entertaining and playing with my two nutty poodles, Olin and Izzy, and my sometimes nutty husband, John :) I like crossfit, running, gardening, art, food, wine, and funny people:) I hope you enjoy my work. I try to convey my love of animals and maybe inspire others to love them as I do :) I recently opened another shop for my landscapes/nature paintings. You can visit it here:"
bio written by Amber via her etsy profile.