Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dirty Lush

Taupe brown gloves arm warmers fingerless gloves
"It all began........... One day on train ride back from a shopping trip with my mum, mum had bought some scraps of yarn and crochet hooks from a charity shop. I decided to ask her to show me some stitches to pass the time........that was the momment I got HOOKED! I quickly picked up the basics and began crocheting at EVERY opportunity, my early attemps were terrible(seriously!), lopsided and holey but I perservered untill I was finally happy I could sell my designs. I have been selling my designs for around 5 years now on various other sites but last year I decided to take a fresh approach to crochet and create Dirtylush. Dirtylush has quickly become my creative outlet, I love to make colourful, unique, quirky accessories that are fun to wear and also keep up with fashion trends. I have been lucky enough to design accessories for a project called 'Love41' which sells an array of beautiful handmade items from around the world with 100% of the profit going to support orphans,widows and street children in Africa. Another highlight was creating a huge order of bangles to be sold in a Paris boutique! This year I have been very excited to be featured in issue 15 of 'Mollie makes' craft magazine, I have written a pattern and tutorial for my crochet bangles. My dreams for the future involve being featured in a fashion magazine! Writing a crochet pattern book and being able to live off my creations full time ❤ Im so very grateful to all my customers, and also my very understanding family....... mountains of yarn and half finished crochet projects all over the house! Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!"
bio written by Suzanne via her etsy about page.

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