Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hickory Tree

Contemporary Wood Compass - Hikers Wood Pocket Compass with Leather Strap for Hiking, Camping, Nature Lovers
"My creations are 'Made in Michigan" and represent some of the beautiful trees found here in our wonderful Great Lakes State. Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop. All of my products are Earth Friendly products made from one of earth's greatest masterpieces, Trees. It's wonderful seeing something emerge from one of nature's beautiful creations. How great is that? Most of my branches comes from my the local wood drop off site or storm fallen branches on my property. Occasionally a friend or co-worker will leave a branch for me because they know I will make something wonderful out of it. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. We should always leave a little something of ourselves behind for others to inspire, admire and cherish. It's been such a blessing having buyers purchase one of my products. Every customer is dearly appreciated. I also sell natural earthy supplies and wedding decor at my other etsy shop which can be found here: www.etsy.com/shop/EarthlyArtz"
bio written by Linda via her etsy profile page

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