Monday, December 10, 2012

ornaments by deb

White Swirled Tree on Bronze Glass Holiday Ornament
"I am a craft loving mother and grandmother who has been making ornaments for my family and friends for years and years. A few years ago, I started selling my ornaments through word-of-mouth. It is time for the next step, now, to my own Etsy shop. I love to personalize my ornaments, especially the snowman family, but I will put a family name on any ornament that has room on it. I have all my standby ornaments, but I usually try something new and different every year. My daughter and I also have a joint shop on Etsy called Times and Chimes. We make birdhouses out of reclaimed wood and decorate them with relics from the past. We have been open three years now, and really enjoy the friends we have made all over the world. Since Angie moved to Colorado, I have taken over the shop, but don't really know where it is headed yet. I have 2 grown children. John lives in Branson and has a daughter, MaKayla, who is 11. Angie and her husband Steve moved from Branson to Denver, Colorado last December and have Nathan, age 11 and Mathew, age 10. I have a stepdaughter Becci, who lives in North Carolina with her daughters, Nikki and Chloe. My partner, Jim, sometimes helps with the woodworking, but doesn't get involved in my ornaments, except as support."
bio written by Deb via her etsy profile

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