Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snow White Petite Blythe Dress

I just wanted to brag about this super tiny dress that I recently custom made for Attackoframpage via etsy. The dress is only about 2.5 inches in length, the bodice is lined and it has cute little puffy sleeves. I was SO happy with how this turned out, that I may have to make one for myself.
Check out these other petite blythe clothes on etsy:

1. Black White and Red Dress for Petite Blythe by: creativetaylor
2. Lil' Bo Peep - PETITE BLYTHE by: noradora
3.Petite Blythe Dress Set - RubyBerry by: MixiMichi
4. Petite Blythe Rainbowy Multicolor Mohair Princess Dress and Hat SET -limited- by: DoLLYSToRY

Saturday, September 26, 2009

doll eyeball necklace

EmbellishYourself and I recently did a trade on etsy. I received this amazing eyeball necklace for my dolls. I sent her one of my felt skull coats. The eyeball is made by her, in her home lampworking studio. The detail is truly amazing! It was also packaged in an cute little heartshaped metal box. I love doing trades, especially ones where we are both so happy with the results.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Camp

All last week and this week, we have been fixing up the camp. Wayne built it about 25+ years ago on his father's land (now his youngest brother's land). It was a shame to see it go to waste and as no one else had the intrest or time in fixing it up, we decided to take it on. It sure is alot of work! Replacing the roofing, patching the roof, staining, cleaning up the too thick tiny softwood trees that have grown up, etc. It's a gorgeous spot back there, so quiet and peaceful.

1. Rustic Log Cabin White Birch Tea Light Candle Holder by: gentilesco1
2. Quilted Table Runner - Pine Trees and Log Cabins by: QuiltSewPieceful
3. Photograph Print of Rustic Cabin 8 x 10 Log Cabin Decor by: dollartist
4. LARGE DEER ANTLER TABLE LAMP 4 Real Antlers Log Cabin Furniture by: rusticstyle

Monday, September 7, 2009

White & Pink Etsy Elegance

1. Little White Linen Pumpkin with Pink Ribbon by: SeaPinks
2.Valentine Single Spun Fingering Weight Cultivated Silk Yarn 302 Yards by: sunriselodgefiberstu
3. Blush No.3 - Pink and Soft White Glamour Rhinestone Hair Comb by: OriginalsByLynnette
4. MARILYN MONROE SIREN STYLE PINK DRESS V neck back and front fitted waist full skirt size 5 by: vintagejetpatterns
5. Vintage Rose Pink Cinderella Slides by: adVintagous
6. Vintage Victorian Art Nouveau Limoges Porcelain Souffle Open Bowl Pink Floral by: Camelotglass
7. Bella by: Sistersthreejewelry
8. Luxurious Rose Bath Fizzies - Set of 2 by: ElegantRoseBoutique
9. feathery flower brooch in creamy white with whitish feathers and pink edges by: piperewan
10. Bloom Collection - Off White Satin Basket with Large Pink Bloom and Lilac Ribbon by: YANDEBRIDAL
11.Garden Soiree. Necklace. by: WhimsicalTreasures01
12.Adult Capelet - Wrap in Pink by: Monarchdancer

Pickled Beets & Corn Relish

We pickled some beets and made some corn relish this past week. Both are things that we haven't tried before and they both turned out wonderfully. I like to pickle and bottle as many things as I can this time of year, and enjoy them in the winter time to remind me of that summer freshness. I like to use the veggies out of our own garden, if possible. Both the beets and the corn were bought, on sale, at a local veggie/fruit store. I love the colors and the texture that the photos show.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


wow! I made my 100th sale today on etsy! wow! hard to believe it... on to 200 now?!