Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time stopped but water still moves

"Yesterday I had a photoshoot which was really important for me. Why ? Because it was really long to put in place and organise. I had the ideas a long time ago and only decided to took the pictures lately. I must admit I was a little bit afraid of an epic fail in realising a huge idea as this photoshoot was. But at the end, I'm really happy of the result because, at the end, I got what I had in mind and that's just a feeling I love and try to always have.
The serie was inspired by paintings. In particular John Everett Millais's "Ophélia" (1851-1852) and Herbert Draper's "Lamia" (1909).

Also, I need to tell you that I'll be on holiday from tomorrow for one month and half in Italy. Unfortunately, the internet down there is too slow to upload pictures. Anyway, I'll try to do it but I think it won't worked, so I prefer to notify you because I don't want you to think I leave flickr or anything. I'll continue to watch your pictures, comment, etc. but it'll be more occasionally. I'll answer emails though ! So you can still email me at ->[AT]hotmail[DOT]com

I took three dolls with me to take pictures, Chanel, Elly and my lati !

See you soon and have awesome holidays for those who have some !

P.s: I'll show you the rest of the serie during the holidays (if I can upload them from Italy or when I'll come back).
Dedicated to Nattalie because I deleted the previous picture for some reasons."
photo & description written by Benjamin

Halloween Block

Halloween Block by PatchworkPottery
Halloween Block, a photo by PatchworkPottery on Flickr.

A single spiderweb including a button spider!


Lily Pang

Small Print Early Summer
"I am an artist from Singapore and a full-time mother to a baby daughter. I was born in China and studied in USA. I followed my heart and came to live in Singapore, a beautiful small island country in South East Asia after graduation.
Before becoming a full-time mother, I was a university lecturer and researcher. After surprising pregnancy of my daughter, I decided to pursue my passion of art and a mother these two wonderful things at the same time.
I live in my artist dream everyday. Painting is something that I am passionate about and a daily activity for me besides taking care of my baby. I love romantic, elegant, dreamy and natural themes. You can find that in all of my paintings.
I also love to experiment. I painted in watercolor, acrylic and digital media. You can find that the art of similar style expressed in different media in my store. I am still exploring and always want to have surprises."
bio written by lilypang via her dawanda profile

Saturday, October 29, 2011

La Belle Fairy

Victorian Chemise Underwear
"I am a corset maker living in BC Canada.
La Belle Fairy is my company, let's get down to business...
If you met Labelle, you might call her the little corsetiere that could...
~ I love to sew and am blessed to have the pleasure of making gorgeous, sentimental, handmade items for ladies around the globe.
~ I love that you love what I do!
I enjoy showing my craft to my Etsy friends and knowing that on your special occasion you will be wearing an original handmade by Labelle corset!
Welcome brides! burlesque stars! and any ladies with a romantic heart...
~ Come... up through the winding trail, and nestled high on the hillside you may chance to see the smoke from the chimney of a hand built log cottage where inside sits pretty little La Belle Fairy in her upstairs atelier.
Satin ribbons, vintage laces, appliques, silks, and coutil abound in her studio, waiting to be constructed into magickal garments for ladies far and wide!
~ I love to imagine my clothing and corsets worn throughout the world, making ladies feel special and sassy!
~ I am a successful corsetiere that has been creating corsets for over 9 years.
I have sewn corsets and historic clothing for Fort Steele heritage Town, theater productions , dance troupes , the Canadian Museum of Rail, library displays, many music festivals, and a secret celebrity clientele. Shhh!
I have shipped corsets to Australia, Africa, Texas, New York, Alaska, Ireland, England,Illinois, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Canada, New York, Chicago, California, Finland, Malibu, Manitoba, Honolulu , Vienna, The isle of whyte, Malta, Venice, Medicine Hat and soon to you"
bio written by LaBelleFairy via the etsy profile

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Al Brydon Photography

Stormy Landscape. 9x6.
"Hello and thanks for having a look.
I love making photographs and have been actively engaged in the process for 15 years. I am lucky enough to live in a very picturesque part of the UK and the images are a reflection of the fabric and consistency of that landscape.
Also all the walking helps fight the flab."
mini-bio written by Al via his etsy profile

Monday, October 24, 2011

kush kush

Heart Me Bunny - Cushion
"A designer from Singapore. I like to draw, paint and do craft works, anything that challenge my creativity.
I get my inspirations from beautiful things I see around me and on the web.
kush kush is my collection of design. I create what i love."
mini-bio written by Em via her etsy profile

Sunday, October 23, 2011

crafts 2 love

Pink Felted Rose Brooch
"I am a mom to 4 kids (all boys except 3): Mel 12, Vik 10, Jazi 6 and Niki 5. I love the fact that I am a stay at home mom now and I am trying to stretch these wonderful years by making some of our clothes and bringing in a little extra income through my hobby - felt making. Actually I don't just make felt flowers or scarves - I make felted items starting from virgin, often not dyed wool. I like working with different fibers and colors and all my items reflect that.
I am a Christian and have served as a missionary before settling here. My husband still has a thriving ministry in children's hospitals and I pray to be a support he needs me to be always."
bio written by Nadia via her etsy profile


Untitled by yyellowbird
Untitled, a photo by yyellowbird on Flickr.

christina's world is my inspiration for life

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A path diverged in a yellowing wood

Lulu Bug Jewelry

Beet necklace in silver and concrete
"My name is Sue, Lulu Bug is the sweet Shar Pei on my banner. Everything in my shop has been entirely hand made by me. I sculpt, inlay with tinted concrete and use my own illustrations to create original, meaningful pieces in .999 fine silver. Fine silver is different than sterling in that it has no copper alloy, it's pure silver."
mini-bio written by Sue via her etsy profile

bayan hippo

Poetry in Carmine Red
"I am proud mother of twin girls. Besides being busy most of the time with them, i enjoy spending time with my sewing machine when they are at school. My mom and my sister are my dearest and biggest helpers.
All my items are designed and handmade by me in our smoke, pet, moist-free home with lots of fun and love."
bio written by bayanhippo via her etsy profile

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hortons Farm

Primitive Skep Candle Fall Color Trio - 100% Pure Beeswax
"I'm Ros Horton, a happily married fifty something mother of four young adults and 7th year beekeeper. While I started beekeeping simply to produce my own honey, curiosity and a love for helping people has turned my little hobby into an awesome adventure that I can only stand back in awe and say, "Look what you did God!". I teach and speak about honeybee related topics locally and have served in beekeeping associations at the state level.
Our niche in the world of bee products is Fire Ant First Aid and our line of Beemu Bath and Body items. Early on a "happy accident from God" happened with propolis, a brittle brown substance made by bees for hive security. Coupled with the knowledge that propolis was a powerful healing agent, I set out to make something that would help my father's psoriasis. While I never achieved what I wanted to do for him, I did stumble on a formula that prevented a fire ant bite from making a pustule. It is now marketed as Fire Ant First Aid and worked so well for so many skin problems that we launched other products utilizing the active ingredients under the Beemu logo.
Our tasty, beautiful and healthful items reflect our core values of excellence, sustainable living, education and simplicity. All products originate in our chemical free beehives. For the bath and body products, we choose only the finest and purest ingredients available. We hope you'll browse around a while and stop back often."
bio written by Roslyn via her etsy profile

Black Lotus Clothing

Sparrow Queen
"The Black Lotus clothing line is a collection of unique, hand-sewn pieces inspired by the SF Bay Area belly dance scene. Christina Molcillo, the founder and designer, was introduced to the world of belly dancing in 2002 when she attended a performance by the San Francisco troupe Fat Chance Bellydance, who specialize in ‘American tribal’ dancing. She was struck by the innovative and unique nature of the costumes, and how they helped to enhance the drama of the dancer’s movements. As an artist from the Academy of Art college with a background that includes illustration, costume, and fashion design, she recognized the opportunity for her to become a part of this exciting scene, channeling her creative energies towards a medium in which she could use her skills to create a clothing line that could be as functional as it was theatrical. She delved into the world of belly dance completely, taking up classes with Celena (the "Killer Ziller")
and performing throughout the Bay Area with troupe Illumination. In those years, she experimented with her own costumes, discovering what worked while performing, and what didn’t. Three years later, with the help from a former troupe member Jennifer “From the Fig Tree” Black Lotus was officially launched.
What makes Black Lotus unique is the care that goes into making each piece. Designs are painstakingly silk-screened onto individual parts, details like beads and feathers are carefully placed , and every garment is an original creation. The end result is a costume that serves a purpose as well as tells a story. Christina’s vision is to transform the dancer into a storyteller, that the clothes and the dance combined lure the viewer into the performance, the perfect melding of artist and audience. The care that goes into each creation guarantees that it’s beauty in no way interferes with its functionality, the pieces are meant to be worn time and again, even during the most arduous dance.
Black Lotus Clothing is beginning to gain notice among some of the most talented performers in the Bay Area bellydance scene. With more pieces being added to the line, you are sure to find an ensemble that will help to emphasize the beauty of your performance, whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you can’t find exactly what you need, most pieces can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs, just ask! Thank you for your interest, and Namaste!"
bio written by BlackLotusClothing via the etsy profile

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the time is now

Deer couple canvas papercut
"My name is Naomi Shiek and I am a paper artist and freelance illustrator for private clients.
In 2009 I graduated from of The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where I discovered my passion for papercutting. I now live in Tel Aviv."
mini-bio written by Naomi via her etsy profile.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Cranberry Jam with Walnuts
"DIY with help!
At DaSweetZpot we have a Staff that has years of experience creating unique personalized party favors.
Edible foods must be prepared following strict Food & Safety Guidelines to avoid food contamination and/or food poisoning (specially with jams).
Do not skimp on your favors, give the very best to your guests!
You hire professionals for your invitations, for your catering, for your photography and music...expect the same with your favors, which are an extension of your event, a token that your guests actually take home to enjoy, and which will bring back fond memories of their experience!
DaSweetZpot knows exactly what customers are looking to convey, and the stress of planning an event can cause. We are here to help you create your party favors.
Orders are custom made, just for you... you don't have to settle with already made favors, or all in one dull flavor."
bio written by dasweetzpot via the etsy profile

sandmaiden sleepwear

CHERISH womens pajama boxer shorts in linen with cotton lace trim
"Sandmaiden was created for women like me, women who appreciate something beautiful and comfortable to put on as a means of transporting themselves from the busyness of the day into a place of joy and rest. Garments made from natural fibers ground us more intimately to our selves and our environment, providing more comfort and beauty than synthetic materials. The fabrics in the Sandmaiden collection are 90% natural with about 10% modern, functional, fashion forward content like lycra or and soft wood pulp based fibers.
This collection was born in my mind when I was a young single mom working my tail off in the fashion industry in Vancouver. My pajamas were a transport from the busyness of the day into a place of rest and inspiration and that is what I hope these will be for you.
Nowadays I live in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle Washington with my American husband, our teenager and our toddler. My new adventures include dying and felting wool in the basement, wrangling the kids, a passionate devotion to maintaining the shop and producing the orders, long walks in the hills of urban Seattle and dreaming of a Tudor home.
All orders are cut by hand from my original patterns and then constructed and finished by myself and my assistant who is a fashion design student from a local school."
bio written by Amanda via her etsy profile


Cacophony by dozydotes
Cacophony, a photo by dozydotes on Flickr.

A new floral circle. 18cm. diameter. (7 inches)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aries Namarie

It's only 3 degrees out, and snowing in parts of Nova Scotia today!!

The Snow Queen ORIGINAL Watercolor
"Creating art has always been my passion and it seems like I'm always working on a few projects at a time. I also take commissions, from watercolors to zipper pulls :) Don't hesitate to ask. Please check out my deviantart account for my most current work"
mini-bio written by Kristina via her etsy profile

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spice Grove Designs

Shabby chic Scented spiced wall hanging
"Hello! I'm Charlotte, and I love finding and showing off the beauty that naturally occurs in this wonderful world God has given us.
I enjoy repurposing/recycling items that no one has any use for anymore into something beautiful and one of a kind. I have been creating, designing and crafting my whole life. I am excited to bring you my little store and items that have been lovingly made for you!
I am an army wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and mother of one sweet daughter and one oldish pup. All three are sources of daily inspiration in various crafts. In fact my 5 year old and I are currently teaming up to create some fun decor and bath accessories for your kids enjoyment!! I've recently added a new knitting section with some gorgeous colors.
I enjoy meeting people at craft fairs and art shows also!! Let me know if you are interested in where you can see my products in person. I always welcome feedback!!"
bio written by Charlotte via her etsy profile

Monday, October 3, 2011

Svale house

Handbag "Caramel"
"I have hope that you divide with me happiness of possession of the things, made their wool. The wool never will get out of fashion, it cannot bother. The wool is eternal. It warmed our ancestors, warms us and will warm our descendants!"
mini bio written by Glotova via her etsy profile

crafty pagan

Luxury Handmade Vintage Style Tented Place Cards
"Welcome to Craftypagan Designs! We create and sell unique vintage style paper goods and gifts for all events and occasions. I take great pride in my work and enjoy making special, unique, handcrafted pieces for you. I get such a thrill thinking about where in the world my items have gone to and the special touches we have added to peoples special events!
All the designs-all of which are 100% unique and original-have been designed by me, Rowena. Almost every step of our products is handmade-for being hand cut (even the tags) to hand dyed and hand stamped. We pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of our designs as well as our customer service.
Craftypagan Designs is mine and my husband's full time job:) I also design for several rubber stamp companies."
bio written by Rowena via the etsy profile