Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Mermaid Beaded Necklace
"As an artist, I try to capture the beauty of everyday life. I have worked as a wedding photographer, graphic artist, and dog bather among other things! Now I spending most my time photographing the world around me and creating digital collages. I also love to make new jewelry from vintage goodies!"
bio written by studiomem via her etsy profile

Friday, September 24, 2010


Bird - Prothonotary Warbler - Suncather - Stained Glass - Original Design
"Plotting Recircles are Julia, Evelyn and Robert. Little sculptures, Art Dolls and Tiffany stained glass are woven into Recirlces story. They will take you to the magic world of abstractions, little girls dreams, angelic sounds and many other recircles stories.Just let the tale begin and Happy things will come to you"
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marci G

red poppy lunch set with lime green lace plate
"I have been around handmade crafts my entire life. I practically grew up in my mother’s studio. When I was a baby my playpen was there in her studio. I am now 17, and my mom supervises my Etsy store, but I have my own ideas about what I want to make.I hand build my pieces from paper patterns and stamps I've made or borrowed from mom. I've just started stamping the words. I keep a list of interesting words and add more every day. The poppies are my personal favorite right now. I've been pressing leaves into clay since I was 8, so this is pretty easy, and I know what leaves will make good impressions in clay. I came up with the idea of using coils with the leaves, and like those bowls a lot, too.My mom has been making pottery for over 30 years, and she is my mentor. Whenever I am working on a new design, she helps me to make it more functional. She suggests ideas like making poppy bowls in various sizes. Mom also checks everything that comes out of the kiln and decides if something is first quality, so my work has the same quality standards as a professional."
bio written by Marci via her etsy profile

twisted river clay

16 oz. mug: Enchanted Heart Design
"Hello - My names is Ron Sbardella, Char and I live and work in my studio in Canterbury, CT. We have been a potters for about 30 years. We attended Rhode Island College and worked in several potteries on the east coast. Char and I started Twisted River Clayworks in 2003 with the intention of creating one of a kind, series thrown and handbuilt pottery.We are very eclectic and love to experiment. After coming from a production pottery background, we have embraced the freedom that handbuilding provides. The various wheel thrown and handbuilt forms, textures and colors in our work are the result of decades of testing, experimentation and attention to detail.We love to embrace functional pottery and give it a new twist through the use of darting, cutting, embellishment, textures and color. We have tested several hundred glazes and have a palette we find colorful, warm and soothing. The handbuilt shapes you see are the result of many hours of working with a shape until we have a shape we are satisfied with - then the fun begins. We take that shape and alter it, try various glaze combinations, and look for the best creative combinations possible. Are we ever satisfied -- well we keep trying."
bio written by Ron via their etsy profile

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Since the birth of my daughter Jubilee (9 days shy of the millenium), I have been in business for myself....
co-founder of a childcare center & preschool, owner of vintage clothing exchange boutique, and making jewelry & accessories on and off since before my daughter was born...it hasn't been easy to invest in several new businesses over the years as a single mom.... so here i would like to take the opportunity to thank my very supportive family, they have always been there for me, encouraged my dreams & loaned me money when i couldn't get any...Most recently I have been influenced by my hometown, Butte Montana, 'the copper city', very key in ushering in the 'age of technology', our copper mine is currently in operation... but more than anything, i think the best art is what nature has done over time!!! i love degraded, decomposed, reconstructed, reclaimed, rusted, raw & gritty...Other inspirations include but are not limited to, modern and simple, natural and organic, dark and industrial, retro and funkadelic, vintage and classic, futuristic and spacey, harajuku and outrageous..... basically art that is worn...."
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

bonjour poupette

Poupette on a Hot Tin Roof
"My name is Sofie. I grew up on the edge of Oregon's high desert, in the shadow of the Cascades, and currently live in Portland. I have loved to make things with my hands for as long as I can remember. I have mostly taught my self how to make things, but the landscape of my childhood, my dreamlife, and animals have been my most important teachers.I make lots of things (and images and stories) but this particular shop is dedicated to my little animal people, or 'poupettes'. The word 'poupette' is a term of affection that could be translated as 'little doll', 'little puppet', or even 'poppet'. The first time i made one, the name just popped into my mind, "Bonjour Poupette!" I craft each poupette by hand, with affection and utmost care. Each one seems to take on a character of its own during the making, and embodies a special quality associated with the particular species that inspired it. I try to share a bit of my knowledge regarding each animal in the descriptions. My figurines are in numerous private collections in Europe, Australia and North America."
bio written by Sofie via her etsy profile

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ruffles on my shoulder shirt top - organic cotton custom handmade
"Designing and creating clothes is my passion. Being obsessed with everything organic and pure I strive to use as many natural and organic fabrics in my creations as possible. My fabrics are carefully selected from different sources around the world and I design, make patterns and sew everything from scratch to create unique and comfortable pieces you would end up wearing again and again.
On a personal note, I was raised and received my medical degree in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I also completed Art and Fashion studies at Royal Danish Art Academy. I now live a quiet life outside Ottawa with my wonderful and very supportive family. I enjoy traveling to the ocean, collecting original art, fabric shopping and playing piano."
bio written by Natallia via her etsy profile

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

small impressions

I made some pickled beets today...

Original Oil Painting - Tomato Preserves
"I am an artist living in Washington State. My artistic life began in elementary school when I was introduced to oil painting. I have explored various other media and spent a considerable amount of time focused on quilting and textile arts. Now I spend most of my time painting. My paintings have won awards, appeared in juried competitions, and are in private collections around the world. I have been gallery represented in the past, but prefer to sell directly to collectors. If you would like to see more of my paintings, you may visit my painting blog or my Flickr photostream. The links are at the bottom of this page.
I use professional grade oil paints for my paintings. They are created on gessoed hardboard panels, stretched canvas, or canvas covered panels. Gessoed hardboard panels and stretched canvas will last for more than a life time and are considered archival quality. Canvas panels are a less expensive surface that will last many years if kept away from moisture and displayed in a dry, temperate environment. Moisture and extreme variations in temperature may cause warping of canvas panels."
bio written by Nancy via her etsy profile

Monday, September 6, 2010


Multi color Aquamarine Blue Fingerless Mittens Gloves
"I am Ayşegül Avcıoğlu.I am live in Antalya (,Turkey) I have two children And I am married.Everything here is handmade by me."
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amalia k

Little Rhizome - Limited Edition Print
"Greetings and welcome into our little nook, where we display the passionate art of artist and illustrator, Amalia K, in "Art Memoirs". Both original artworks and giclee prints are available here in our shop. And should you be interested to dive deeper into her world, join her artistic journey on her blog"
bio written by "yw1911" via the etsy profile