Thursday, June 30, 2011

danny phillip's art

Sunburst in Love / Couple at Sunset on Beach - Original Mixed Media Collage 8x8
"I currently live in Austin, Tx with my wife, two daughters, two dogs, and and guinea pig. I have been working in mixed media and collage art for 12 yrs, and have been fortunate to be able to make my living in the art field. My company, In Your Space, currently employs 12 artists and has been featured in several magazines. Feel free to check out my websites if you're interested in knowing more:
*Visit my Facebook fan page at for info on new artwork, sales and giveaways!*
I love to travel, and many of my art pieces are inspired by the places I have been. I have even been told that they invoke a "sunny, relaxing feeling" which I hope you will find to be true.
I am passionate about my art, and hope you will enjoy it as well."
bio written by Danny via his etsy profile

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Multiple Personality

Girl with Red Hair
"Hello, my name is Sara Harvey and I'm a designer by day and a super hero, zombie hunter, illustrator, painter, screen printer, plush maker, and anything else I can make maker by night.
I'm very busy.
I have to create in order to stay sane. Although sometimes I'm not so sure it helps. Everything inspires me including the hundreds of vinyl and plastic toys I collect. I'm always trying new things because if I sit still for too long I'll go crazy."
bio written by Sara via her etsy profile

Monday, June 27, 2011

laura fauna

robin's egg wrap dress
"I have been sewing my whole life- I can't remember a time when I wasn't making things. My mother worked in a drapery shop when I was little and I delighted in the days she took me with her. These days I mostly make clothes (I love working with vintage fabrics and knits the most), but if an interesting supply comes my way I love making use of it in any way I can dream up."
bio written by laurafauna via her etsy profile

Friday, June 24, 2011

For Strange Women

Natural Botanical Perfume Oils - Mini Mix-and-Match Set
"I am an electronic artist and analogue craftress in Kansas City, MO. Inspired by music, yesteryear, and my animal friends, I work every day to bring myself and my customers a closer connection to nature, a sense of peace through aromatherapy, and the idea that doing things as we did them a century ago is progressive today.
As an artist my first language was dance, then music, and now perfumery, and although they seem as if they would be very different, these diciplines are truly interconnected. Balance, harmony, acute sensory perception, and creative alchemy will always draw me into their magic.
I began making my own concoctions about 10 years ago because I am sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in commercial cosmetics, fragrances, and soaps, and could not find truly natural products anywhere. I fell in love with herbalism, aromatherapy, and eventually the coveted realm of natural perfumery. Although I make everything from soap to lipstick for myself, I decided to focus my offerings here to the emotionally rich realm of natural scent. I am also a very tactile-oriented person and love exploring texture within the perfume, all the way through to the packaging. I find an amazing comfort in natural ingredients and want to share this through each of your senses (except sound of course, which is why I love creating music on the side).
I have a "professional" background in video, graphic design, screenprinting, and photography. I refuse to work for "the man" anymore though.
I have a kitty named Jaqk and a boyfriend, Kevin who is kind of a crazed filmmaker. He (and I) are working on a documentary called Radiopoly, which follows the demise of commercial radio. He is also my personal photographer and my favorite photographer ;)
Kev, his son Simon, Jaqk and I all live in an old duplex upstairs, and my studio is the downstairs apartment. We live in a diverse neighborhood with a great energy, full of indie shops and restaurants that I can walk to and get much needed rice pudding, seaweed soup, wine, and coffee. All the things necessary for survival during hibernation, which I do a lot of."
bio written by Jill via her etsy profile

chris waind

Guides V2 - 8X10
"Since winning second prize in the Manchester Evening News colouring-in competition at age 24, Chris Waind has never looked back. He has lost his mind in London, broken his bones in Vancouver and burned his skin in New Zealand. A graphic designer and illustrator by training, Chris’ work encompasses film, photography, collage and traditional fine art practices. Most recently, he has turned his attention to Etsy to offer a selection of artwork prints, and maybe other visual delights in the near future.
Chris likes painting, drawing, filming, calligraphy, collecting, aquariums, lomography and his orange surfboard (which rarely leaves his garage). Some of his favorite achievements have been creating a small dictionary compiled purely of words he hates (highlights include 'Kudos', 'Snuggle', and the phrase ' was a lovely spread.'), and his sketchbook where he chronicles a lonely whale, an obese cat, a mission from god, coconut bras, the mourning of a crab, seal attacks, white trash, 50 clicks, a book of thoughts, and some things that are true."
bio written by Chris via his etsy profile

Janet Caterina

Vintage Style Slip
"Independent Designer uses Vintage 1940's and 1950's Patterns, Toronto boutique sales since 2005, production management and technical design, original designs sold across Canada, Janet Caterina label"
mini-bio written by JanetCaterina via the etsy profile

Maisy and Alice

Merino Wool Felt and Hemp Flower Necklace Ophelia Sage
"Hi, my name is Jill. I have recently relocated back to the UK after living in Melbourne Australia for the past 6 years. I now live in a very pretty English village in a Georgian cottage with a babbling brook winding its' way past my front door.
Since I can remember, I have always loved to create. I constantly have new ideas popping into my head and have taken to carrying a notebook to record these momentary flashes of inspiration!
I love to work with many different materials and have a passion for fabric design and screen printing and mixed media art.
In time, I hope to have a more diverse range of products in my store to reflect my different interests. For now though, it is my long time love of paper craft and felting with all their tactile delights which occupies my limited time."
bio written by Jill via her etsy profile

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orit Art

Original Large abstract Modern Contemporary tree branch painting red fine art by Orit - HUGE 48 x 24 - Red Windy Day
"My name is Orit and I am an artist from my own studio in Tel Aviv. I studied Painting and Art History at Ben Gurion School and also completed my Bachelor of Management and Computers at Israel’s Open-University.
My abstract and figurative work is characterized by interesting compositions, colours and textures. I use professionally graded quality materials and all paintings are coated with varnish to protect them over time.
I will love to help you create spaces that match your personal needs, different size or specific colors into a spot where you can breathe new light."
bio written by Orit via her etsy profile

Thursday, June 16, 2011

bumbleboo Handmades

7x11" Watercolour Illustration Fishes Wishes Giclee Art Print
"I am a 24 year old 3rd year Illustration student at Sheridan college in Ontario, Canada.
I'm originally from BC, but I moved to Ontario to study Illustration.
I live in an apartment with my two cats (Martin and Boo), many fishes in four different tanks (goldfish, a betta, tetras, danios, cories, shrimp...), and lots and LOTS of plants (herbs, tropicals, aquatic, carnivorous, whatever catches my eye!)"
bio written by Kailey via her etsy profile

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the simpson

beautiful day purple flax sundress
"my name is All clothing are handmade by my family team.
our team consists:My father(buy cloth,pack package),my mother(buy cloth with my father,design and made clothing),my grandmother(sometimes my grandmother give me design idea:)my sis and me(design and made clothing).
all fabulous creations made by us when we feel inspired.
We make each individual clothing with love and skill, Please
enjoy and feel free to contact us any time.
I love to make women feel inspired and explore their expressive creative realms"
bio written by L.Wang via the etsy profile

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dusty newt

Cocobolo Rosewood Earrings
"I have been working wood, in one form or fashion, all my life. From cabinetmaking, house framing and remodeling, to signmaking, furniture and my little keychains.
I started doing the name keychains in 1982. For eight years or so, I would spend the summers crafting in the Black Hills of South Dakota, then caravan with other crafters to shopping malls and fairs all over the country. After meeting my wife Julie, who was then carving candles, we decided to settle down here in Central Florida.
I am now working full time at a local paper mill (also a wood product) for the benefits that are hard to get working for yourself.
Carving name keychains and making my other small woodstuffs satisfies my need for wood dust.
In my search for raw materials, I comb the markets, yard sales and thrift stores for fine furniture and antiques that that are close to landfill fodder. I also barter with other woodworkers for their off-cuts.
It gives me pleasure to give another incarnation to a beautiful piece of wood, to be cherished for years to come."
bio written by Scott via his etsy profile

Crochet Skirt

Crochet Skirt by Pure Craft
Crochet Skirt, a photo by Pure Craft on Flickr.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

handmade colectibles

Take me to the beach bouquet
"Hi I’m Cole, I'm a crafty mom living in Arizona with my husband and two boys.
One day I developed a fascination with pretty felt flowers. After I made one, it became an exciting, addicting hobby that is now turned into a business. My hope is that you will fall in love with one of my creations because I absolutely love making each one."
bio written by Cole via her etsy profile

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mister Finch

Moth made from vintage tablecloth.
"Hello and welcome.....My name is Finch - it’s actually my surname, but I’m the last one in my family, so everyone calls me it and I like it.
I live in Leeds in Yorkshire, not too far from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, with 3 crazy cats and my beautiful wife.
I actually have no formal training in anything I make and a part from a short art course I did many years ago ive learnt all I know myself.
Ive tried many areas creatively over the years and now i find myself sewing which I adore.
When Im not making things which isnt that often I love to read and watch old movies. I collect fairytale books,minature metal chairs and love to hoard things in glass jars.
Ive called my buisness Mister Finch so its clear from the start that I'm a man and one that sews. We are a bit thin on the ground but we are out there!
My main inspirations come from nature and often I return to certain ideas again and again.
Flowers,insects and birds really facinate me and their amazing lifecycles.
Making things has always been incredibley important to me and is often an amazing release to get it out of my system.
I love to hunt for things for my work...the lost, found and forgotten all have places in what I make.A lot my pieces use recycled materials, not so much as an ethical statement, but because they add more authenticity and charm.Velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become dolls and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures to have. Storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten..."
bio written by Funch via his etsy profile

Swallow soft sculpture made from vintage teatowel

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream Some

Bronze Square on Square Earrings
"I have always loved silver jewelry but never took the plunge in to actually making it. Then about 2 year ago I discovered PMC (precious metal clay)! How could there be such a thing, why have I only just now discovered it!!! I wish I had much earlier, I am having an incredible time creating jewelry with it and now with BronzClay and CopprClay.
I am looking for ways to combine these metals and make interesting and beautiful pieces, many are one of a kind.
Textures are my thing, I love using more than one in a piece and many items have quite a rustic or primative look to them. This is by design. I also love giving the pieces an antiqued look with patina. I think it ads so much to the pieces, especially when I'm able to achieve a wide range of blues and purples. If you prefer a shine on your silver any piece I make can be polished to a shine and they will look beautiful that way as well.
I strive to make everything as Unique as the people that wear it. Here's what some of my customers have to say "very very well made and beautiful - perfect size - love wearing them!"
bio written by Kristi via the etsy profile

Monday, June 6, 2011


Rose Garden Bracelet
"Lynwoodcrafts specialises in hand embroidered accessories, including applique and the embroidery of patchwork items. Items of embroidered jewellery are particularly popular and distinctive, worked on hand made backgounds, produced by applique, felting, knitting etc. Other items include purses, cases, bags, hair accessories, needlebooks, pincushions....
Why not visit/follow my blog, - its great knowing that I'm 'talking' to real people! Examples of my work can be found on the gallery pages of my blog and at: . Customers are often kind enough to send feedback, but not always through Folksy. Feedback which has been received is also available on my blog.
Many of my items are embellished with buttons, sequins, beads etc and are not suitable for young children since these would present a choking hazard. If an item is particularly suitable for a child I will say so in the description, all other items should be considered unsuitable."
bio written by Sue via her folksy profile.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Emerald Leaf

Wood Burned Pendant 8
"I am a person of many artistic interests such as oil/acrylic/watercolor painting, sewing, drawing, and writing, all of this aside from my jewelry making. Out side of my artistic interests I love history, astronomy, philosophy, geology, and psychology.
I am a rabid tea drinker consuming one or two pots a day. I also like coffee, but I cant handle as much of it.
I have a somewhat dark and dry sense of humor...
Oh did I mention I love comics? I love comics, and one of these days I intend to make one.
A little about my Jewelry...
My wire of choice is copper or vintage bronze style wire (which is still just copper, only it has the "Bronze" finish on it). I use the vintage bronze because I like the effect and color it adds to a finished piece; it gives the item more of an antiqued look which I really like, and aim towards.
I use all kinds of stones in my Jewelry, and slowly I am accumulating a satisfactory collection, but some of my favorite stone would be: Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, and most any and all Quartz.
Each and every piece I make is one-of-a-kind, even if I wanted to, I could not recreate any of the items.
I also have another shop on etsy where I sell strange hand painted "evil" eye jewelry, take a look if your interested:"
bio written by EmeraldLeaf via the etsy profile


Rabbit diet. With tomato. Brooch.
"We are Elena and Ieva - two friends, neighbours working separately, but creating together.
Adatinė means a pincushion in Lithuanian, our native language. It is a useful thing and also an inspiring partner for the Muses to come.Lithuanian textile tradition is our source of inspiration.
Natural fabrics that are so comfortable (airy) and healthy to wear: linen, cotton, wool is what we like to create from."
bio written by adatine via the etsy profile

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Fantastic Ring of Sterling Silver and Faceted Stones
"Hello, my name is Mary John Slaughter. I am a glass and metal artist, and I was born in 1982 in the small town of Laurinburg, North Carolina. After bouncing around for years, I finally moved to the mountains where I began to teach myself glass blowing. In 2004 I moved to the Outer Banks where, while still practicing glass work over the years, I earned an Advanced Certificate in Professional Crafts: Metals. In 2012 I plan on earning a BFA at East Carolina University, where I hope to utilize my knowledge of glass and metal in the world of Ceramics"
bio written by Mary via her etsy profile