Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lee loong studio

Hand Stitched Leather Tote Bag / Briefcase / Cross Body Messenger Bag / Laptop Bag in Yellow
"Hi, I have just met with Etsy recently, but you know that I have been designing&hand stitching&hand making leather bags since from 2003 in my Sigapoure hometown. All my handcrafted bags are made with genuine cow leather material with superior brass hardwares and quality cotton thread. I believe you can use my bag for decades with carefully maintainess. I am always doing my best to learn what's the fashion elements currently, and make my bags to be stylish all the way. And I do like vintage style, I always make bags in a vintage style which is fashion for ever. I do hope you like my handcrafts also."
bio written by Lee Loong via the etsy profile

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