Monday, November 26, 2012

Adrien Art

Art Teapot Surreal Face Sculpture in Relaxation, Dream On
"As a visual artist, I value beauty that brings well-being. A lot of my work arises from merging my love for sculpting and painting the human form with my love for making things that feel good to use in daily living. I love drinking tea from hand made wares, and I find that by making such wares artfully, the experience of using them is deepened and enhanced. The majority of the ceramic work I produce is made from recycled clay. I salvage scraps and dried out blocks from various studios that otherwise would be tossing good clay into the dump. By recycling this abandoned clay, I am able to build a relationship with it while I'm mixing and wedging it, so that I get to know it very well before I even start to make anything with it. I focus on faces and bodies because they clearly express and reflect a specific state of being. It is my main intention to bring calmness, happiness, joy, and peace into peoples lives through my work, and these are the expressions and the energy I put into what I do. In 2007 I recieved my BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts with an individualized major in sculpture, painting, and photography. After college I took a 10 day silent vipassana meditation course that brought about a major wholesome transformation, and continues to influence my work as a human being and artist. I began Teaching ceramics, excited about educating others about the fine art potentials of clay, yet some of my students only wanted to learn the wheel, so I began practicing in order to help them learn, and I got hooked! As a painter/sculptor/photographer showing in galleries, I find these functional crafts to be an exciting venture in merging the affordable and functional, with the transcendent and artistic. My studio generally always has a few long term sculptures and paintings in progress, balanced by a steady flow of functional ware being turned out."
bio written by Adrien via the etsy profile

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