Friday, October 29, 2010

diem designs jewelry

Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant
"We started Diem Designs jewelry in June 2005. Even though my father has been a metalsmith since the early 70's. We draw, design and fabricate jewelry. While each of these serves a different purpose, we find that together they express our sense of power in creating and shaping our lives.
We understand the feeling of putting on that piece of jewelry and feeling it resonate personally, emotionally and artistically on ones body, mind and soul.
We draw our inspiration from nature and the natural beauty of the gemstones that we use in our one of a kind and limited edition creations. Each piece is hand fabricated using Sterling & fine silver and faceted or cabochon gemstones. We also use native artifacts and fossils to create unique works of wearable art.
Making jewelry is a part of our everyday thought. We are always thinking of new designs. We instill our thoughts, ideas, and love into each piece. We hope that everyone can see the love in our work."
bio written by DiemDesignsJewelry via their etsy profile

Thursday, October 28, 2010

solstice art

Autumn Faerie Headress
"Tara Trogler is a self-taught sculptress and licensed hair artist who creates beautiful pieces of art. This enchanting woman gets her inspiration from Nature, Fairy Tales and the Wee Folk themselves of course!
She has been awarded the Froudian Artist of the Month Award in December 2008, and her work has been featured in numerous magazines and online blogs. Although she has been best known for her magical Faerie Doors, she recently has us in awe of her natural talent for hair artistry through her new Faerie Headdress line. Many of her magical headdresses have been seen on models walking the Runway at several Faerie Fashion Shows!
You will also find her at various Faerie Festivals and Fantasy Conventions on the East Coast. Over the past several years she has been a merchant at Spoutwood Farm's May Day Fairie Festival, Spoutwood Mother Earth Harvest Fair, NY Faerie Fest, Maryland Faerie Festival, and other small vending events."
bio written by Tara via her etsy profile

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


aegon 2 silk chiffon long dress
" We are collective team, all team members are independent designers and dress makers who worked for big brands and want to make something more interesting and fun.
We live in Neverland, outside of it, it is a gray boring city, inside of it, there is a purple lake surrounded by exotic plants and animals, breeze from the snow moutain will bring dandelion seeds and inspiration. We brainstorm, explore, experiment together to work out things verify our existence. A journey, a book, a show, a movie and interesting person's contact will be our inspiration.
Quality, hand made, originality, creativity, uniqueness are our criterion. To be featured on Vogue and design for celebrity one day is not our goal, working out timeless stylish designs to let every woman feel romantic, beautiful and elegant is our dream!
Our designs are calling you? They are only for those who love arts, passionate about life, open minded, dare to be different and special. If you are trend follower, you will be disappointed, we will never design “in” designs, we create our styles in our peculiar way. We only build up timeless styles you may keep for many years. If you expect something normal or ordinary, you will be shocked. We only work out pieces with bold and quirky idea, of course we will make them very wearable, but if you get used to those high street brands designs, you might have trouble understanding why a so low priced design will have so special details or put so much thoughts like a high fashion design. So you are our targetted buyers?"
bio written by idea2lifestyle via their etsy profile

Monday, October 25, 2010


felted wool slippers
"My name is Grazina. I live in Lithuania- small beautiful country near the Baltic Sea. I discovered felting only a couple years ago. Tried it, and felt in love with this craft. It's a very old tradition, that came back in our days in most modern ways and forms. At first look it might seam very complicated, but all you need is some time, patience, a little imagination, ideas, heart, passion and you can develope unique, handmade creations, that would decorate your home and make you smile."
bio written by Grazim via her etsy profile

christina romeo

N41...Original Watercolor Illustration
"My work mostly consists of the connections between feeling, texture and color...
From my desire to connect privately with others and through my intimate language of abstract expression I am able to speak to each person and connect on some level.
I have a highly charged internal process shaping the personal energy of each piece and I strive to communicate this with an abstract collection of marks, textures and color. Often the small amount of chaos found in the texture of a found piece of paper will capture this energy.
My work has been published in books, magazines and continues to show in galleries all over North America."
bio written by Christina via her etsy profile

Sunday, October 24, 2010

judy stalus

Spooky Pumpkins, Autumn Fine Art Photograph Note Card
"I live on fifty acres of beautiful gardens, fields and woodlands in Walpole, New Hampshire with my husband and daughter Despite the harsh climate of northern New England I have flowers in blossom from March through November. I grow hundreds of varieties but have a special love of tulips, iris, peonies and poppies. I have iris in bloom for many months from the tiny iris reticulata and iris cristata of early spring to the summer blooms of bearded, Louisiana, Japanese and Siberian iris. Voluptuous peonies and perennial poppies are followed by dozens of annual and Icelandic poppies.
Photographs: These gardens and flowers are the basis for most of my current photography. I photograph flowers in the garden, in the house, from afar and very close through every season. I began photographing in 1971 and my work has changed with me as my life has changed. I was a film photographer printing both black and white and color in my darkroom. But a few years ago I was seduced by the magic of Photoshop and now print exclusively digitally. I still use a few of my old film camera including my Diana from the 1960s, a Holga, and my Polaroid SX-70 Land camera but primarily shoot with digital camera."
bio written by Judy via her etsy profile

Friday, October 22, 2010

fae factory

hand sculpted treasure box
"...the strength that my mother bestowed to me came through. I had a vision. I felt a warm golden light above me and heard a voice telling me that it was not over, my dreams were actually about to begin. I still had stories to tell, I still had dreams to live. So, though my body was weak, my spirit was not, as I began to sculpt and paint in my pockets of wellness. This artwork is a result of an incredibly passionate soul bursting through the body of a man determined to manifest his childhood dreams. Each piece of art that I create tells a story. Every piece carries a message, a chapter, a dream.
Please enjoy my art and remember to dream your biggest dreams. I dedicate my art to all people living with invisible diseases and other hardships that the world cannot always see. We are in this world together. So lift your spirits high my friends, and join me in being a dreamer..."
bio written by Dr Franky Dolan via his etsy profile

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

isabellea bramson

today is our 9th wedding anniversary. the traditional gift is pottery.

hand carved porcelin lace fruit bowl
"Isabelle is 28 years old and lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a self-taught artist and developed her craft while working as a nurse by day. To date her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Home Magazine, and Daily Candy. Isabelle's current collection is done in porcelain and focuses on incorporating patterns of negative space into functional works of art."
bio written by isabella via the etsy profile

Friday, October 15, 2010


autumn leaf hair clip, maria
"ah-noo-shig means 'pretty' in Armenian.
Our pieces are for any day, from a work day to your wedding day!
Our items also work for little girls. The headbands are plastic so they are easy on the head. Great for back to school!
These flower creations are meant to be one-of-a-kind pieces.
Like any beautiful flower, no two are alike.
Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...
-Susan Polis Shutz"
bio found via the etsy profile

Friday, October 8, 2010

You've got a friend

You've got a friend
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laima shop

"I am in my early 40ies; I have studied social sciences, particularly psychology, and most of my life I had been doing some office work. I have travelled quite a lot and have seen so many countries and people who all urge the same – harmony. Because of some dramatic changes in my life I have encouraged myself to realize my dream and to do what I really love, thus bringing me joy, relaxation and harmony. I have been knitting since I remember myself; it has always given a possibility to differ from the crowd with my appearance, to express myself.
I get my inspiration from all around – nature, people, some events, the texture and the colour of the yarn itself and my head is always full with new images and ideas. I wish my hands could follow my brain as fast!:) I have never in my life used any patterns or instructions, I create everything instantly!
I truly hope that you like my creations and they will bring you new experiences and sensations!"
bio written by LaimaShop via the etsy profile

dancing in the rains

mr.white with scarf
"I am currently staying in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am an illustrator and artist who love to paint cats and all kind of animals.
Dancingintherains is all about ideas that pop up in my mind. I am committed to create original cute stuff."
bio via the etsy profile

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

that old blue house

Retrieved Vintage Lace Earrings
"I have worked with stained glass for over 20 years. My jewelry evolved from my love of antiques. I collect vintage textiles and postcards, and I had to finance my collecting addiction!! That was how That Old Blue House was born.
My Vintage lace & quilt jewelry pays homage to the women who created these works of art many years ago. I only use tattered pieces of fabric & give them a "second life", to be enjoyed by a new generation.
I also create jewelry that I just like, not necessarily vintage, just fun!!
I only use silver solder, and most of my jewelry uses micro-thin glass. I find this glass produces a nice light-weight piece, with lots of opportunity to put things between 2 pieces!!
My jewelry has been featured in Lucky Magazine, Anthropologie, Quilters Home Magazine, The Quilter Magazine, And Quiltmaker Magazine."
bio found via the etsy profile

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


One, Fine Art Nature Photography Print - 8x10 metallic tree
"An award-winning, exhibited photographer, I've been passionate about photography for just about as long as I can remember, right from that very first 1960s Kodak Brownie around my wrist at Upper Canada Village...
A great deal of my adult life has been spent travelling the world for extended periods, always with cameras in tow.
My photographic interests run the gamut from intimate portraits to nature to ephemera to street life. Although firmly entrenched in the digital age, I have a weakness for film and for old cameras. My present collection of old clunkers numbers about 50!"
bio written by bomobob via his etsy profile


Antique Rustic Silver Plated Fork Bracelet
"•◦CONTRARY is the one woman operation run by yours truly, Miss Mary Andrews. I'm an artist and designer dwelling in Brooklyn, NY. I developed a deep appreciation and understanding for all things handmade with a particular interest in jewelry design while earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts."
bio written by Mary via her etsy profile

Monday, October 4, 2010

savage salvage

Mermaid Farts - Tangled Decayed Upcycled Pearl Bib Necklace
"Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a collector of "treasures". I can't pass up a glittery pebble on the sidewalk, or a perfect pine cone buried under leaves. Flea markets make my knees go rubbery! This jewelry collection is my way of putting all of those beautiful objects to good use.
I have a BFA in metalsmithing that gave me a start professionally but burned me out on precious metals. I now prefer to work with found objects and recycled vintage parts. By day I design men's costume jewelry for an night I crawl into my home studio/cave to create Savage Salvage jewelry with my collection of scavenged treasures.
I feel that most of my designs are eco-friendly because they incorporate as many recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, and found parts as I can cram in. I use a lot of rusted or naturally patinated antique bits in my designs; so if you have sensitive skin or contact allergies, please convo me before purchase to discuss options. I coat all "questionable" parts with a clear sealant, but additional precautions can be taken.
I use new, high-quality clasps and handmade ear wires whenever possible.
Thinking of a custom design? I specialize in reincarnating heirloom jewelry. Got an old strand of pearls from Nana that need a face lift? Send them on over...let's make them into something beautiful that you'll actually wear!
I find my inspiration in natural history books, religious imagery, tribal design, flea markets and dusty attics."
bio written by savagesalvage via the etsy profile

Saturday, October 2, 2010

cherie wheeler

embroidered pin cushion with embroidered rabbit
"I like to make my creative ideas come to life in unique ways with basic materials and techniques. I often find inspiration for my work from the 17th and 18th century needlearts and the folk artists of these eras."
bio written by Cherie via her etsy profile


hanging airplant pod, gorgeous glossy white
"I live and work in beautiful Denver, Colorado with my two studio assistants Ennis and Konrad (Konnie). Primarily I handbuild vases and small sculpture out of clay, mix my own glazes, do collage and painting on vintage fine china that I re-fire, and do a bit of abstract painting every now and then (usually when it's too cold in the studio...LOL). Oh, and I am completely addicted to etsy."
bio written by Michael via his etsy profile