Sunday, May 31, 2009


I want to tell everyone about this great shop on etsy:
They have wonderful fabrics and trims and laces. So easy and friendly to deal with! The next time you need something for your sewing project, check out this store first!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Broken Hipster

I just finished reading Broken Hipster's first zine. She describes the zine like this: "Emiko started this zine series in Jan. 2004, after being diagnosed with kidney disease. Witty, sad, and hopefully told in both narration and illustrations, this is the story of the presentation of Emiko's disease, her first and ongoing experiences with dialysis and struggles with acceptance of chronic illness." I was really touched by Emiko's story. Her trials with her kidney disesase and dialysis really hit home with me. I have type 2 diabetes, I have since I was 10, and it's currently not in the best of states. Plus, my blood pressure is way too high. Both factors which really affect your kidneys. I am now on a low dose of blood pressure meds & my doctor recommended that I do 30 minutes on the treadmill each day, instead of the 20 I was doing. He also recommended that I cut out some people in my life that are causing me so much stress, for the time being, until things are more under control. There's no point in me having a heart attack because of other people! I have also changed my diet to absolutely NO sugar. This is the most challanging one of all. I love candy and sweets and have been eating way too much of them. I should know better! I will have to get regular blood tests to check my kidneys and blood sugar averages. I hate getting blood tests done. I'd rather be getting a full body tattoo than have that needle in my vein. (I've had bad experiences with blood taking...) I'd appreciate you keeping me in your prayers as I try to get my health under control.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

new shoes + new pants = new style

Yesturday I bought these shoes, with a heel, at Payless. I've never owned a pair of shoes with a heel. I can't believe how comfortable they are and how easy they are to walk in. I had to get size 7.5 & I usually wear a 8. Is that normal for heels? I don't know... I also bought these skinny jeans from Bluenotes. I never ever thought I would own a pair of skinny jeans. Tell me what you honestly think and what style of shirt should be worn...

This is my self portrait picture for today via the 365 Days challange via flickr. This is day 126 for me. I'm feeling better than I have in a long time...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pink & Yellow Fairy Costume

I completed my second Blythe doll fairy costume today. They have two removable tutus made from tuelling (you can switch what color to put on top, or put let your doll wear one), and a hand-beaded collar. I can't get over all the wonderful comments and people who are favoriting the photos via flickr! All these remarks have inspired me to sew one or two of these costumes and put them in my etsy store, and see if they will sell. Now to decide on what colors would be most popular. Next, I have to make another custom fairy outfit in aqua & pink.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Yesturday was my 28th birthday. I feel more like 40. Wayne made me a delicious cake, using his mother's famous cake recipie. It had green icing and green sprinkles. We went to mom's for a bbq after church. It was a good day. I like quiet birthdays...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesturday was a gorgeous day! It was sunny and warm, but with just a little bit of a chilly wind. We took a drive out through Old Barns. I tell ya, the road is terrible out that way this year! whew! Especially on the bike! The countryside is beautiful and always reminds me how glad I am to live in town. The smell of manure was rampet as farmers spread it over their fields for another year of growing crops. We found this little stream that was so pretty (pictured above). Wayne tried to do some fishing, but it was either already fished or the wrong time of day. I also took the opportunity to take some cute photos of my Cinnamoroll Dal, Stevie, in nature & the sunlight. She photographs beautifully. I am teaching myself how to take better pictures of my dolls. Photos that make them extra adorable and full of personality. The sun was gorgeous, I took off my shirt and wrote some notes in my journal, for my next zine. It was a fantastic time & we need more days like this!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Plaid hoodie zippered Blythe coat

Look what I made! I am so proud of this little plaid, hooded, zippered coat that I made for Blythe. I found the pattern in my "dolly dolly pattern #6" book. The entire book is in Japanese & I can not read japanese! It's the first time that I made a hood and used a zipper. The pockets, on the front, are working pockets. I think I should make another in a different plaid (I have several). It's available in my etsy shop. Tell me what you think!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New look!

So, I decided to give my blog a much needed face-lift. I gave it lighter colors and a new banner, featuring my artwork. I'm happy with the result and feel that it's much more cheerful, which I need these past few days. Let me know what you think, whether good or bad...
I'm offering Free Shipping on any original art purchase in my etsy shop during May (my birthday month). Go to my shop and check it out!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Custom MSD outfit

I am so happy with how this custom MSD outfit came out! The inspiration came from this. It was custom made for a girl via Dolly market. I has alot of fun with this & alot of it is hand sewn. There are black, stretchy underwear under the tu-tu skirt, that you can't really see. The skirt was super fun and surprisingly easy to make. I combined both a netting and a tulling, which gave it a really fun look. I'm almost tempted to make one of these outfits for myself!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Art Studio

It's hard to imagine that this room used to be a "catch-all" room. Filled with junk, bike parts, a weight bench, etc, etc... Me and my husband (mostly him, though), filled the holes in the walls and painted these wonderful wide stripes on them, He also built a full wall shelf unit to hold all my supplies and crap (crap is a good thing!). We bought a 6 foot table to hold my sewing machine and my work space. It's always covered in my latest projects and more. I just love this space and spend alot of time in here!!

I'm also very happy today, as I sold two different Blythe clothes items via my etsy shop in the last two days!!