Friday, February 8, 2013


Valentine gifts for friends / Set of 5 super small red heart brooches / Sweet plush mini brooches / Miniature
"Hello. My name is Evgeniya, but Jane is also okay. I live in Perm, industrial city in the heart of Russia, that's why I always missed something soft and cute in my life. So let me introduce «my team»: sweet tiny plush fellows and things. They are so different: ugly and cute, red and green, tasty and healthy — but all of them need to be loved equally. Love them and they will gladly return the compliment and will be nice and pleasant guests on your scarf, jacket or bag. They will really make your day! The main idea of my creation is making what I really love and hoping that somebody likes the result. I will be happy, if it's truly so."
bio written by Evgeniya via the etsy profile

sari yehimovich

Satin combined with lace woman blouse, short sleeves, black and dark blue
"My name is Sari Yehimovich, I live and design in Tel Aviv, Israel. Fashion is my main source of happiness, I love and live fashion. I graduated from shenkar college of design 12 years ago and ever since than I do the thing I love most- design cloth. I won an internship with the London based firm- lacoste and won first place in the Mittelmoda competition for young designers in Italy. I found my own brand 10 years ago, working in Tel Aviv and its surrounding. My collection combines urban and romantic elements, meticulously designed and high quality of fabrics that all together creates a feminine with a unique twist look. I believe in functional clothing, clean lines and powerful self-controlled design when the real secret is in the smallest details. When I create a new design I take my inspiration from Tel Aviv that’s a dynamic and exciting city who never sleeps, while maintaining my own style of fashion and emphasis my uniqueness, creativity and open-minded style. When I work I keep a very high set of standards such as high handmade quality that enable to keep the item for many years, originality, comfort and functionality. I always walk on the fine line between my creativity and my will to dress my client in a suitable, functional and comfortable items. I'm so excited to reveal my unique designs on line for the first time and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them."
bio written by Sari via the etsy profile