Wednesday, February 29, 2012

River of Romansk

Egyptian Goddess Soft Vert Absinthe Vineyard Elves Meadow Green Chiffon Dress Romance Dreamy Old World Flowy Angel Marie Antoinette Gown
"River of Romansk is whimsical, romantic and enchanting. I wish to recreate an era of dainty loveliness; of sash and ribbons, satins and laces.. all of which are reminiscence of a time more dreamy and innocent.
A beautiful dress is unforgettable. It has the magic to transform and the power to take our breaths away. I hope you commemorate each and every precious memory with pieces from River of Romansk - memories which would serve you with a smile many months and many years down the road!
Three people are involved in my Etsy shop (making it a Collective). They are my mother and sister and myself . The main person running this is me but they help me in terms of packing the items for shipment, giving me new ideas in helping me create
my pieces, suggestions on the fabrics to purchase. My sister helps me with
the purchase of fabrics and materials from overseas suppliers. She is also
the photographer for my pieces created. Both my
mother and I will sew them on sewing machines. Sometimes, some pieces will
require hand embroidery. (i.e. Sewing of sequins, pearls, faux gems and
Everything online is managed by me. I list the items online, manage
conversations and enquiries and send the items myself at the post office.
I am very happy to be here and grateful for my family's support. This little business has helped to bond all of us together and improved my relationship with my mother, helping me to appreciate her in many ways which I was too blinded to see when I was in the corportate world. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. All glory and thanks to Him."
bio written by RiverOfRomansk via the etsy profile

Zooja Design

The Lost Treasure
"My name is Csilla.By nationality I am Hungarian but I moved to a little town,Rushden in Great Britain.My little family and I have been living here about a year and we really like it.
I started making jewellery years ago and then stopped for a few years.I recently picked up again as I really enjoy it.My lastest jewellery is much more creativ than I used to make, I think that comes with age :)) I get my inspiration from anything from nature to media.I like using different materials as I feel it adds depth to my creations.I enjoy making statement jewellery that is diverse and individual, like the person who wears it.
My jewels are made of good quality Miyuki Delica, Toho Seed Beads, Czech Firepolished Beads and Swarovski Elements and I often use shells, stones, leathers and different kind of materials.
Many thanks for taking an interest in my jewellery!"
bio written by Csilla via her etsy profile

Monday, February 27, 2012

atlantic art couture

Gold Antler Charm Necklace with Gold Plated Finishings 20.5 Inches Long Altogether
"I am a young teacher living on the east coast of Canada- in the Maritimes! It's a beautiful area of the world with colourful houses, ocean breezes and quaint little towns to wander through. Many of my paintings reflect this way of life- I love to paint sea scapes. Also, I have traveled extensively and I am inspired by the many things I have seen around the world. As I add to my shop, I hope this will become apparent in my jewelry collection. I love crafting jewelry... I find any work I create with my own hands to be very rewarding and fun!
I have been involved with art from a very young age, including being an "art grad" from my high school, taking various art history courses in University and formal painting courses from a local artist who is world renowned. I am so happy to be able to open my own little corner of the internet, to share my love of art with all who visit!
When I'm not creating, I am teaching or walking my dog (a Pug named Lola!) around town."
bio written by Jessie via her etsy profile


Throw pillow little houses print in cream on blush pink - hand printed on linen pillow cushion cover
"Hi welcome to Earthlab.
After many years of creating on the computer screen only, I rediscovered the thrill of making something I can touch with my own hands. I was hooked, and looked about for a way to combine my interest in interiors with a sustainable and ethical aproach to business. I discovered eco felt made from recycled plastic bottles, a really cool way of converting what was once waste into beautiful things. Recently I have begun using organic cotton in most of my designs, as well as linen, which requires a lot less water, energy and pesticides in it's production, making it more eco friendly.
My designs appeal to adults and children alike, if I can bring a smile to your face when you use one of my pillows then I've achieved my aim!
I am inspired by natural forms, science, colour and the materials themselves. I also have two young children and like to make things I think they or their friends would like. In fact I am hoping to expand my children's range soon, just as soon as my kids will leave me in peace for a moment and stop bugging me for, I don't know, dinner and stuff! Watch this space!"
bio written by Kate via the etsy profile

becka rahn

Weaving Loom Brooch - Crayon Box
"My name is Becka Rahn and I am a geek for fiber art and technology. My work is a fusion of high and low-tech techniques - digitally printed fabric, laser cut bamboo and acrylic combined with hand embroidery and weaving. I grew up in Rapid City, SD and spent my very first paycheck from a summer theater job to get a sewing machine, which I still have. Every surface of my house is covered with something-in-progress all the time. I am not kidding, just ask my family.
My day job is as an art teacher and administrator at a fiber art center, where I teach sewing, felting, digital & technology skills to beginners of all ages. (
I have designs published in 101 One Yard Wonders and its sequel (Nov 2011) and you can find all kinds of tutorials, art and random thoughts, links to me at Ravelry, Spoonflower and more at my blog:"
bio written by Becka via the etsy profile.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Pillow Cover Purple Amethyst Cathedral Window Batik - 18 Inch
"I'm a fabric junkie. My passion is quilting. I have been sewing off and on for over 30 years. I have been quilting passionately for 15 years and I am self taught. I cannot sit without having something in my lap to keep my fingers busy. I learned how to do many crafts at an early age, when I was a member of our local 4-H group, and I am so happy to have had that experience. As a mom to two teenage boys, I stay sane by working in my quilting studio."
bio written by warmnfuzzies via the etsy profile

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vital Temptation

A set of TWO felted bracelets bangles
"My name is Svitlana. I'm a New Yorker, a felt artist, designer, creator, hopeless romantic, wishful thinker, and lover of all beautiful things. I’m the “ miracle worker ” behind the curtains of VitalTemptation.
I work with wool, silk and other natural fibers using very unique and almost forgotten techniques while creating my designs. I use felting that is an ancient textile art , where manipulating wool , warm soapy water and rolling, squeezing and rubbing creates a very special one-of-a-kind piece.
As a child, I subconsciously learned how to see beyond the Spring blossoming and rustling of leaves. I learned how to be inspired by ordinary everyday objects that surrounded me."
bio written by Svitlana via the etsy profile

Fox mind - Golden royal squirrels - felt brooch

Monday, February 20, 2012

audrey eclectic

Print Clare on the Dunes
"Inspired by a bygone era, Audrey Eclectic is a unique folk art collection created by artist Heather Sleightholm that features original paintings, prints, post cards, handpainted ceramics, art dolls, and more. Created in a little house on the prairie, Audrey Eclectic art is at once a little sweet and a little dark, a little mysterious, always hopeful, and with a story to tell.Please visit the blog at to get updates on whats new, or come visit Audrey Eclectic at local shows like Indie Emporium in Tulsa and Deluxe in OKC."
bio written by audreyeclectic via the etsy profile

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Helga McLeod

Original painting acrylic, watercolor and ink girl in white dress with fire flies and light bubbles
"A born Namibian and natural-born nomad, I finally sunk my roots in the heart of the Free State, Bethulie, South Africa where I share my home with my wonderful man and two of the world’s greatest kids, 1 fat cat and 1 scary cat.
I have been into art and the creation of it since I could hold anything in my fist, mouth or toes and co-owned an art gallery in the 90’s while I had art training. Then followed my studies in horticulture and after that a combination of painting outside, painting the outside or painting a landscape through planting. I am naturally a nature and creation junky.
I often paint in mixed media but also love watercolours."
bio written by Helga via the etsy profile

Saturday, February 18, 2012

abigail brown

Small fabric bird- TURQUOISE
"I am a textile artist and illustrator.
I am an extreme hoarder and tremendous mess maker!"
mini-bio written by Abigail via the etsy profile

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zunette Mulder Jewellery

Silver Heart LOVE ring
"Hi, my name is Zunette and I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.
I have had a passion for jewellery for as long as I can remember. Even as a little girl I can remember getting so excited by standing at shop windows looking at all the shiny pieces!!
So at the age of 40 i decided to follow my dream and went and did a course in jewellery making.... i love working with the metal - filing, sawing, bending and seeing it being transformed from little silver or gold pebbles into a ring or bracelet.
I find inspiration in movies, walking on the mountain or beach, history books, trees, people ... and design and create these pieces myself.
I also love sourcing antique pieces and utilising them in new ways, i.e. an earring is granted new life as a ring or a brooch as a pendant."
bio written by Zunette via her etsy profile.

mignonne handmade

Beaded garland headband with blush flower detail- style 118
"Jenn Wood, owner and designer of Mignonne handmade, graduated from Temple University in 2000 with a degree in Art History. After working for a prominent local antiques dealer for a short time after graduating, she began to intern at a local flower shop and fell in love with the art of floral design. She continued on this path after a 2003 move to Phoenix, AZ and has been a small business owner since 2005. Jolie jour flowers caters to smaller creative weddings in the Phoenix area and incorporates eco-friendly flowers in real and handmade forms.
Mignonne handmade was born out of a love for embellishment, deorative forms and above all, pretty things. The asethetic combines handmade flowers with vintage pieces and a dash of whimsy and is also heavily influenced by Jenn's Art history background. Things that inspire Mignonne handmade creations are nature, films, fashion, art, French vintage, books and bygone eras. Each piece is created with care and love for you to enjoy"
bio written by Jennifer Wood via the etsy profile

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Fanciful Twist

5 Postcard Set - Mad Tea Party - Tea and Milk
"You will find a huge variety of styles in my work. The main reasons are, I have multiple personalities, or so I have been told ;) Actually, I find beauty in so many styles, and am adamant that noone should be restricted to one style.
Secondly, I have a little real life gallery where I make everything that goes into it. Variety is very important in this setting.
This has allowed me to dabble in different realms. It is great not to feel tied to one particular medium.
Some days it is all about funny little monsters, others I am covered in clay. Sometimes, I feel very Marie Antoinette and others I feel like I am in a strange land where unusual creatures lurk...
I just never know what I am going to get on a day to day basis. Scary, silly, fanciful...Noone knows. Least of all, me."
bio written by Vanessa via her etsy profile

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Home Centric

Royal Spalsh - Throw Pillow Covers - 18x18 Inches Silk Pillow Cover Embroidered with Different Color Sequins & Beads
"Hello, I am Urvi from India, the land of high skilled hand work and craftsmanship.
I have been designing for the last 5 yrs. Prior to taking up full time designing for my own label of soft home furnishings, I was designing for some of the finest fashion garment houses from Europe namely Etam, Zara, Esprit, Bershka, Debehams, etc.
I am a qualified Fashion and Textile designer from the leading fashion Institute of India - The Pearl Academy of Fashion and Technology, Delhi
Designing is not only my profession but also my soul passion. I design my products keeping three principles in mind - Offer Finest Designs of Great Quality at the Right Price."
bio written by Urvi via the etsy profile

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Newstyle Nataly

A beautiful red blouse with an asymmetrical collar
"My name is Natalie.i have graduated from Myriam designing college in Israel.I work as a teacher of modelling and clothes designing.
I feel very grateful to have found this wonderful Etsy community that has allowed me to do what I love so much-making clothes."
mini-bio written by Natalie via the etsy profile