Friday, August 15, 2008

Traditional Japanese Owl Tutorial

1. The pattern: Enlarge or shrink, depending on what size you want your owl.

2. Cut out pattern, using 2 different fabrics.

3. Put right sides together and sew up the left side, just to the top of the smaller piece. 4. Move the unsewn edge of the smaller fabric to the edge of the larger fabric. It helps to pin them in place. Sew up the seam, right to the tip of the larger fabric.
5. Turn right-side out.
6. Put a straight pin through the fabric at the top of the belly.
7. Stuff the owl then sew embroidery floss in a loose stitch around the bottom.
8. Pull string tight and tie in a knot., then remove straight pin.
9. Cut out 2 colored felt circles, and 2 smaller white felt circles.
10. Fold over the point, then sew the tip of the beak to the owls belly.11. Attach the two circles of colored felt with the same colored thread. 12. Pull a dark thread through the center of the colored felt, and through the center a circle of white felt (smaller than the colored).13. Poke your needle in the colored felt and through the center of the white felt.14. Pull through to make a "loop" on the white felt.15. Loop all the way around the white felt.
16. Add a dark bead to the center.
17. Attach the second eye & you are finished! You could also add a triangle of yellow or orange felt to the end of it's beak, if desired.

HERE is a tutorial in japanese.


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us. So cute!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh my gosh -- I saw your owls on Flickr, and I love 'em. Thanks for putting up this tutorial -- I'm going to have to try it!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I have that pattern. I like that you left off the circle off the bottom and gathered it. I like your version better.

Arlene said...

Thank you for sharing.

May said...

Thanks heaps! It's pretty hard to find this style of owl pattern over the net, quite a few people are pretty protective of it.

Good luck with your art, hope you make heaps!

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thanks for sharing with us!

Khris said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. I put a post on my freebies blog some time ago and just thought I best let you know I did. I have made heaps of them and am loving them...hugs Khris

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this tutorial everywhere. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

simsey said...

Thank you for sharing these nice owls!

i change the pattern for my little son vincent in an elefant pattern. you can see them on my blog.

have a nice day!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU. These are so adorable. It just took me less than an hour to fully hand sew my first one. I see many more before Christmas!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

This is really nice, thanks!

Marina said...

Hi Jenny, could you tell me about the copyrights of your Japanese owl, please.

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We also help the Teenager orphans in Romania, the homeless in Bournemouth, the cancer patients, the women's refuge, the Sailors and so on.

Can we make and sell?.
Many thanks.