Friday, November 23, 2012

La Petite Mascarade

Willow and Cherry Tree Goddesses Shinto Art - Archival Art Print 8.5 x 11
"We're a married team with a background in technology and art. Celeste has practiced visual arts since she was a young child, and has honed a large array of talents in the field. Her current specialty is a unique combination of hand drawing and digital colouring, forming a distinct blend of traditional and digital art. Jacob grew up with a love for technology in an artistic family, and mixes art with code in creating computer games. He also enjoys working with tactile mediums, and specializes in origami, developing new shapes and patterns. Together, we've found great pleasure in working together on projects. In mixing that with our enjoyment of Halloween costuming, we found that our talents combined well in creating masks. That is when the idea of creating miniature masks for tiny creatures came about, and evolved."
bio written by LaPetiteMascarade via the etsy profile

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