Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sandmaiden sleepwear

CHERISH womens pajama boxer shorts in linen with cotton lace trim
"Sandmaiden was created for women like me, women who appreciate something beautiful and comfortable to put on as a means of transporting themselves from the busyness of the day into a place of joy and rest. Garments made from natural fibers ground us more intimately to our selves and our environment, providing more comfort and beauty than synthetic materials. The fabrics in the Sandmaiden collection are 90% natural with about 10% modern, functional, fashion forward content like lycra or and soft wood pulp based fibers.
This collection was born in my mind when I was a young single mom working my tail off in the fashion industry in Vancouver. My pajamas were a transport from the busyness of the day into a place of rest and inspiration and that is what I hope these will be for you.
Nowadays I live in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle Washington with my American husband, our teenager and our toddler. My new adventures include dying and felting wool in the basement, wrangling the kids, a passionate devotion to maintaining the shop and producing the orders, long walks in the hills of urban Seattle and dreaming of a Tudor home.
All orders are cut by hand from my original patterns and then constructed and finished by myself and my assistant who is a fashion design student from a local school."
bio written by Amanda via her etsy profile


Amanda Boyd said...

thank you! Great blog!

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