Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Cranberry Jam with Walnuts
"DIY with help!
At DaSweetZpot we have a Staff that has years of experience creating unique personalized party favors.
Edible foods must be prepared following strict Food & Safety Guidelines to avoid food contamination and/or food poisoning (specially with jams).
Do not skimp on your favors, give the very best to your guests!
You hire professionals for your invitations, for your catering, for your photography and music...expect the same with your favors, which are an extension of your event, a token that your guests actually take home to enjoy, and which will bring back fond memories of their experience!
DaSweetZpot knows exactly what customers are looking to convey, and the stress of planning an event can cause. We are here to help you create your party favors.
Orders are custom made, just for you... you don't have to settle with already made favors, or all in one dull flavor."
bio written by dasweetzpot via the etsy profile

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