Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black Lotus Clothing

Sparrow Queen
"The Black Lotus clothing line is a collection of unique, hand-sewn pieces inspired by the SF Bay Area belly dance scene. Christina Molcillo, the founder and designer, was introduced to the world of belly dancing in 2002 when she attended a performance by the San Francisco troupe Fat Chance Bellydance, who specialize in ‘American tribal’ dancing. She was struck by the innovative and unique nature of the costumes, and how they helped to enhance the drama of the dancer’s movements. As an artist from the Academy of Art college with a background that includes illustration, costume, and fashion design, she recognized the opportunity for her to become a part of this exciting scene, channeling her creative energies towards a medium in which she could use her skills to create a clothing line that could be as functional as it was theatrical. She delved into the world of belly dance completely, taking up classes with Celena (the "Killer Ziller")
and performing throughout the Bay Area with troupe Illumination. In those years, she experimented with her own costumes, discovering what worked while performing, and what didn’t. Three years later, with the help from a former troupe member Jennifer “From the Fig Tree” Black Lotus was officially launched.
What makes Black Lotus unique is the care that goes into making each piece. Designs are painstakingly silk-screened onto individual parts, details like beads and feathers are carefully placed , and every garment is an original creation. The end result is a costume that serves a purpose as well as tells a story. Christina’s vision is to transform the dancer into a storyteller, that the clothes and the dance combined lure the viewer into the performance, the perfect melding of artist and audience. The care that goes into each creation guarantees that it’s beauty in no way interferes with its functionality, the pieces are meant to be worn time and again, even during the most arduous dance.
Black Lotus Clothing is beginning to gain notice among some of the most talented performers in the Bay Area bellydance scene. With more pieces being added to the line, you are sure to find an ensemble that will help to emphasize the beauty of your performance, whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you can’t find exactly what you need, most pieces can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs, just ask! Thank you for your interest, and Namaste!"
bio written by BlackLotusClothing via the etsy profile

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