Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hortons Farm

Primitive Skep Candle Fall Color Trio - 100% Pure Beeswax
"I'm Ros Horton, a happily married fifty something mother of four young adults and 7th year beekeeper. While I started beekeeping simply to produce my own honey, curiosity and a love for helping people has turned my little hobby into an awesome adventure that I can only stand back in awe and say, "Look what you did God!". I teach and speak about honeybee related topics locally and have served in beekeeping associations at the state level.
Our niche in the world of bee products is Fire Ant First Aid and our line of Beemu Bath and Body items. Early on a "happy accident from God" happened with propolis, a brittle brown substance made by bees for hive security. Coupled with the knowledge that propolis was a powerful healing agent, I set out to make something that would help my father's psoriasis. While I never achieved what I wanted to do for him, I did stumble on a formula that prevented a fire ant bite from making a pustule. It is now marketed as Fire Ant First Aid and worked so well for so many skin problems that we launched other products utilizing the active ingredients under the Beemu logo.
Our tasty, beautiful and healthful items reflect our core values of excellence, sustainable living, education and simplicity. All products originate in our chemical free beehives. For the bath and body products, we choose only the finest and purest ingredients available. We hope you'll browse around a while and stop back often."
bio written by Roslyn via her etsy profile

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Ros Horton said...

I'm honored you chose to showcase our Honey Farm products! I'll be checking your blog often!