Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lily Pang

Small Print Early Summer
"I am an artist from Singapore and a full-time mother to a baby daughter. I was born in China and studied in USA. I followed my heart and came to live in Singapore, a beautiful small island country in South East Asia after graduation.
Before becoming a full-time mother, I was a university lecturer and researcher. After surprising pregnancy of my daughter, I decided to pursue my passion of art and a mother these two wonderful things at the same time.
I live in my artist dream everyday. Painting is something that I am passionate about and a daily activity for me besides taking care of my baby. I love romantic, elegant, dreamy and natural themes. You can find that in all of my paintings.
I also love to experiment. I painted in watercolor, acrylic and digital media. You can find that the art of similar style expressed in different media in my store. I am still exploring and always want to have surprises."
bio written by lilypang via her dawanda profile

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