Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suzanne Millius

Pisces Fish March Birthday Teal Blue Swirls of Water original illustration ART Print Hand SIGNED size 8 x 10
"I was an artist when I was born.....I'll be an artist when I die.....its who I am - Art is the core of my being....
Hello...My name is suzanne millius. I am the owner of this lovely little special shop - Studio3ten. I live in the midwest about 3 hours west of Chicago - in a charming city called, Dubuque. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River in a city filled with very cold winters, hot summers and beautiful crisp falls.
Simply put, I am an artist - living, breathing in the world around me - and creating pieces that are parts of my soul.
I have loved drawing, painting and writing since birth...I come from a family of artists and musicians. My mother is an artist - My father a musician ....(a wonderful environment for a little pisces to flourish!) Growing up, someone was either drawing/painting at the kitchen table - and music was always in the background. Art is the most amazing outlet for is literally saturated in my soul.
I am influenced by everything around me, fashion, color, music (I love just about everything - classical, rock, R and B, Jazz, Blue Grass, name it, I love it....) My 3 FAVORITE bands - Queen, Nirvana and Chevelle. I love antiques, and anything old and rusty with a story to tell......other 'non-tangible' things that influence me: the past, the future, the weather, animals, other people....I love day dreaming - and just soaking in the world around me. Any time I have a spare second in the day - I create more art.
I enjoy sarcasm and humor - I think top hats should be mandatory - and think dogs ROCK !
I hope you find something here you can connect to........I promise to repond to all convos - package your piece carefully and send your way with love.......
It is also worth noting - and is completely irrelevant, that I LOVE Johnny Depp - and James Dean **gush, gush** I am BIG fans of their work *(although James work is short lived) but they make the world of movies - a place where you can escape and live through someone elses eyes... a MUCH better place.......and I thank them for that :)"
bio written by Suzanne via her etsy profile

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