Saturday, March 10, 2012

catherine reece

Large ceramic blue peacock plate, spring garden dinnerware
"Hi, my name is Catherine Reece. All of my work is hand drawn by me featuring whimsical designs and bright colors. I do all my work out of my home studio with my husband Scott while our two small children, Jackson and Kennedy play with clay too. It's a family affair.
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I am truely grateful for the gifts that God has given me to help provide for my family. For my wonderful husband who is my greatest fan and true love and for my children who are my inspiration.
I grew up in Sierra Madre, Ca. in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. I've had my hands in clay for the last 14 years. I've tried other mediums in art such as water color, drawing, intaglio etching, photography and wood block printing. I find that I can combine most all of these art processes when creating a piece in ceramics. I like to look at each piece and use it as a blank canvas to draw on.
Many years ago I first saw a dragonfly on a lake in Cable, Wisconsin and was fascinated with its flight and vivid colors. I began to draw other insects, the "dung" scarab beetle, and praying mantis. God created each beautiful and intricate insect and I feel compelled to draw them and tell their stories.
People say to me - you must have a great sense of humor! And I tell them - it's just the facts. It's just the facts! And yes, I know these stories are quite silly. And some may say - well, that was more than I really needed to know! and I just smile...
Although not every aspect of my pieces are made by me I strive to make my process of creation as "green" as possible. I fire all of my work in an electric kiln that is supplemented by solar panels on our roof. In addition we travel to the various art shows we do in our diesel truck that runs on recycled vegetable oil..."
bio written by Catherine via the etsy profile

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