Sunday, March 4, 2012

Countenance Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl and Amethyst Cluster Earrings, June Birthstone, February Birthstone, by Countenance Jewelry on Etsy
"I love days when inspiration is practically shooting out of my fingertips, when design ideas crowd into each other in my head faster than I can make them with my hands, when all I have to do to create something I love is start working. However, there are also those painful days when I sit down and feel nothing, see nothing in my mind's eye, and have the energy of a slug. But, when the going gets tough, the tough go make brownies (no nuts, extra chocolate chips).
Everything in my shop is lovingly handmade by me, and each piece is ready for immediate shipment. I am a self-taught jewelry-maker and designer with a deep love for the art. I've been making jewelry since 2004 and selling on Etsy since 2007, beginning with my previous shop . I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with jewelry - it's part of who I am.
I am also a wife, mother and grandmother with an incredible, supportive husband who encourages me to pursue two of my greatest passions: taking care of my little granddaughter, and designing and making jewelry.
As for my shop name, the beautiful language of yesterday defines 'countenance' as "demeanor, bearing - the manner in which one bears or comports oneself". A more modern definition is, "appearance, especially the features and expression of the face". In other words, what we are feeling inside usually ends up written in the lines and features of our face.
Our choice of jewelry can also be a visual expression of what we are feeling -- or maybe what we want to feel -- just like the clothes we choose to wear. What we use to adorn our bodies can be a reflection of our emotions. And when we are sad, restless, or feeling unhappy, wearing things that make us feel joyful, peaceful, or hopeful can also provide us with the encouragement and self-love needed to turn our negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.
It's often said that the jewelry we love speaks to us. It's also true that the jewelry we love speaks about us, giving clues about our inner-self, our spirituality and a myriad of emotions. How satisfying it is to be able to say with our outward appearance what we are feeling inside or hope to feel: the language of our countenance.
Each piece I've made reflects a design that brings me joy and also reflects my own spirit at the time I designed it. My purpose in bringing my jewelry to you is that you will find something that exhibits your own unique and varied countenance, and that it will speak to those around you who care to listen."
bio written by Lynne via her etsy profile


SuZeFashion said...

Gorgeous earrings!

Lynne said...

Thank you for featuring my earrings on your blog and for sharing the love!
-Lynne, Countenance Jewelry