Monday, March 12, 2012


Wings of Iris- Organza Necklace
"I'm originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul/Turkey.
I've created all my life, I never want to stop doing that, no matter what medium it is. Jewelry designing has been my creative outlet for the last 7 years. I'm strongly passionate about it, as I'm also passionate about dreaming,doodling,thinking about random things in life, being curious,people,reading,writing,photographing,nature,loving,not sleeping (insomnia yes!).
I believe I add a lot from myself to my designs when I'm creating, so they kind of mirror little parts of my life, culture, or emotions, and what I observe visually.. That's why every piece I create is very special to me, as I find myself thinking 'I should keep this one to myself' too often, but never do actually. :)"
bio written by Derya via her etsy profile