Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sarah McIntyre

What Lies Beneath- Mixed Media Magazine Collage
"Hi, I'm Sarah. I am a studio artist, the best free labor in my husband’s high school art classroom, and the mom of two fluffy white dogs and a frog. We live in Port Lavaca, a small town on the coast of Texas. I love making art, talking with Nick, my husband, at Skillets (the small diner in town), seeing my family and friends, dancing in the rain, putt-putt, walking the beach, and of course not quitting my day job.
I graduated with a BFA in studio art in 2008, from Sam Houston State University. One of my favorite mediums to work in is collage (using magazine paper), but I go through fazes where I love to paint.
If you have questions about how I made something, or what techniques I use feel free to ask. I also update what I am working on pretty regularly on my blog site if you are interested check it out."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile

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