Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mrs Pomeranz

Hokusai Wrap Dress
"Hello, I’m Dasha Pomeranzev! I live in London and in Moscow. I love vintage clothes and have been collecting vintage 50s dresses several years. Then I realized there were less and less beautiful vintage dresses around, and I started to dream of creating my own collection. I spent hours in the fabric department of Liberty’s in London. I analysed and broke down how 50s dresses were made. I created some prototypes for friends…and ended up with a ‘New Look’ collection
We have adapted 50s models to reflect how women’s figures have changed in the following decades. Not all vintage dresses suit today’s women- they can be too full in the chest and too thin at the waist. Our dresses fit perfectly: the full dress slims the figure exactly where it needs to, the length makes your legs look longer. The fabrics are Italian and English (from Liberty), with high-contrast prints, or Scottish tweed. We make no more than ten dresses from each fabric.
I hope that you will love my dresses and they will become your favourites."
bio written by Dasha via her etsy profile

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