Friday, July 8, 2011

Karolinfelix Dream

powder pink Tulle Garland - home and garden decor
"I'm an Artist, Architect and Dreamer.This is a wild mix as art is free while architecture is not...
If I had a chance to scream out one thing to the world, I would say- 'Don't stop creating!.... unless You've run out of food... than just go and buy some.'
They say creativity runs in the family.
My mother used to design and sew her own clothes. It was the subject of envy as that was the time of Socialism and shops were empty. My father is a self taught carpenter & inventor. They both made the KarolinFelixDream collection possible, participating in the design process & sharing the experience.
I always fancied product and interior design and was thinking about this collection since a while. Some people start the design process from analyzing the function and adding form as a secondary matter,others quite the opposite. I always choose the third scenario-putting together form and function at the same time - I feel that's the proper way, as both of them matter. I don't sketch it, but rather imagine whole process. I know the properties of wood, fabric, clay. I know the technology & possibilities of tools. When I've thought it through, there's time for first prototypes and after that - figuring out unexpected problems. When all is done, there's only one thing left - to show your creation to the Big Audience.
In my art you will find a bit of fairy-tale, folk influence and modern, functional simplicity at the same time.
Unusual pieces of home decor and fashion are born from this mix... zen gardens, natural beautiful buttons, tiny houses.... crayon jewelry with memories... fairytale and beauty of nature in surprising form.
What do I like? Chocolate... curious things... coffee... curious things... sleeping....sea... puppets & theatres...vintage shops... comic books... books...things..oh so many things I like (:"
bio written by KarolinfelixDream via the etsy profile

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