Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kali Butterfly

Dancing Leaves Chainmaille Bib Necklace - Pink
"I am one obsessive lady. I used to collect just about everything I found interesting, now I spend my time linking lots of little rings together and sewing lots of beads to each other and to fabric. I love playing with materials to create all the ideas that pop into my head.
Although I've been making jewelry for most of my life, I decided to make jewelry my full-time job a few years ago. I've worked as a production assistant for a few Chicago-area jewelry designers, and currently teach chainmaille jewelry classes throughout Chicago.
Here you'll find my latest creations. I make whatever strikes my fancy, but if you want something else, feel free to contact me--I love making custom pieces."
bio written by KaliButterfly via the etsy profile

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