Wednesday, February 29, 2012

River of Romansk

Egyptian Goddess Soft Vert Absinthe Vineyard Elves Meadow Green Chiffon Dress Romance Dreamy Old World Flowy Angel Marie Antoinette Gown
"River of Romansk is whimsical, romantic and enchanting. I wish to recreate an era of dainty loveliness; of sash and ribbons, satins and laces.. all of which are reminiscence of a time more dreamy and innocent.
A beautiful dress is unforgettable. It has the magic to transform and the power to take our breaths away. I hope you commemorate each and every precious memory with pieces from River of Romansk - memories which would serve you with a smile many months and many years down the road!
Three people are involved in my Etsy shop (making it a Collective). They are my mother and sister and myself . The main person running this is me but they help me in terms of packing the items for shipment, giving me new ideas in helping me create
my pieces, suggestions on the fabrics to purchase. My sister helps me with
the purchase of fabrics and materials from overseas suppliers. She is also
the photographer for my pieces created. Both my
mother and I will sew them on sewing machines. Sometimes, some pieces will
require hand embroidery. (i.e. Sewing of sequins, pearls, faux gems and
Everything online is managed by me. I list the items online, manage
conversations and enquiries and send the items myself at the post office.
I am very happy to be here and grateful for my family's support. This little business has helped to bond all of us together and improved my relationship with my mother, helping me to appreciate her in many ways which I was too blinded to see when I was in the corportate world. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. All glory and thanks to Him."
bio written by RiverOfRomansk via the etsy profile

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