Friday, June 24, 2011

chris waind

Guides V2 - 8X10
"Since winning second prize in the Manchester Evening News colouring-in competition at age 24, Chris Waind has never looked back. He has lost his mind in London, broken his bones in Vancouver and burned his skin in New Zealand. A graphic designer and illustrator by training, Chris’ work encompasses film, photography, collage and traditional fine art practices. Most recently, he has turned his attention to Etsy to offer a selection of artwork prints, and maybe other visual delights in the near future.
Chris likes painting, drawing, filming, calligraphy, collecting, aquariums, lomography and his orange surfboard (which rarely leaves his garage). Some of his favorite achievements have been creating a small dictionary compiled purely of words he hates (highlights include 'Kudos', 'Snuggle', and the phrase ' was a lovely spread.'), and his sketchbook where he chronicles a lonely whale, an obese cat, a mission from god, coconut bras, the mourning of a crab, seal attacks, white trash, 50 clicks, a book of thoughts, and some things that are true."
bio written by Chris via his etsy profile

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