Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dusty newt

Cocobolo Rosewood Earrings
"I have been working wood, in one form or fashion, all my life. From cabinetmaking, house framing and remodeling, to signmaking, furniture and my little keychains.
I started doing the name keychains in 1982. For eight years or so, I would spend the summers crafting in the Black Hills of South Dakota, then caravan with other crafters to shopping malls and fairs all over the country. After meeting my wife Julie, who was then carving candles, we decided to settle down here in Central Florida.
I am now working full time at a local paper mill (also a wood product) for the benefits that are hard to get working for yourself.
Carving name keychains and making my other small woodstuffs satisfies my need for wood dust.
In my search for raw materials, I comb the markets, yard sales and thrift stores for fine furniture and antiques that that are close to landfill fodder. I also barter with other woodworkers for their off-cuts.
It gives me pleasure to give another incarnation to a beautiful piece of wood, to be cherished for years to come."
bio written by Scott via his etsy profile


Miss Val's Creations said...

This wood is stunning!!! ~Val

Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Thank you so much for your feature. I just help the wood show itself off.

Peace in Wood,