Friday, October 8, 2010

laima shop

"I am in my early 40ies; I have studied social sciences, particularly psychology, and most of my life I had been doing some office work. I have travelled quite a lot and have seen so many countries and people who all urge the same – harmony. Because of some dramatic changes in my life I have encouraged myself to realize my dream and to do what I really love, thus bringing me joy, relaxation and harmony. I have been knitting since I remember myself; it has always given a possibility to differ from the crowd with my appearance, to express myself.
I get my inspiration from all around – nature, people, some events, the texture and the colour of the yarn itself and my head is always full with new images and ideas. I wish my hands could follow my brain as fast!:) I have never in my life used any patterns or instructions, I create everything instantly!
I truly hope that you like my creations and they will bring you new experiences and sensations!"
bio written by LaimaShop via the etsy profile

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny, thank you so very very much from all my heart for the appreciation of my work! Inga/LaimaShop