Monday, October 4, 2010

savage salvage

Mermaid Farts - Tangled Decayed Upcycled Pearl Bib Necklace
"Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a collector of "treasures". I can't pass up a glittery pebble on the sidewalk, or a perfect pine cone buried under leaves. Flea markets make my knees go rubbery! This jewelry collection is my way of putting all of those beautiful objects to good use.
I have a BFA in metalsmithing that gave me a start professionally but burned me out on precious metals. I now prefer to work with found objects and recycled vintage parts. By day I design men's costume jewelry for an night I crawl into my home studio/cave to create Savage Salvage jewelry with my collection of scavenged treasures.
I feel that most of my designs are eco-friendly because they incorporate as many recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, and found parts as I can cram in. I use a lot of rusted or naturally patinated antique bits in my designs; so if you have sensitive skin or contact allergies, please convo me before purchase to discuss options. I coat all "questionable" parts with a clear sealant, but additional precautions can be taken.
I use new, high-quality clasps and handmade ear wires whenever possible.
Thinking of a custom design? I specialize in reincarnating heirloom jewelry. Got an old strand of pearls from Nana that need a face lift? Send them on over...let's make them into something beautiful that you'll actually wear!
I find my inspiration in natural history books, religious imagery, tribal design, flea markets and dusty attics."
bio written by savagesalvage via the etsy profile

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