Friday, October 29, 2010

diem designs jewelry

Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant
"We started Diem Designs jewelry in June 2005. Even though my father has been a metalsmith since the early 70's. We draw, design and fabricate jewelry. While each of these serves a different purpose, we find that together they express our sense of power in creating and shaping our lives.
We understand the feeling of putting on that piece of jewelry and feeling it resonate personally, emotionally and artistically on ones body, mind and soul.
We draw our inspiration from nature and the natural beauty of the gemstones that we use in our one of a kind and limited edition creations. Each piece is hand fabricated using Sterling & fine silver and faceted or cabochon gemstones. We also use native artifacts and fossils to create unique works of wearable art.
Making jewelry is a part of our everyday thought. We are always thinking of new designs. We instill our thoughts, ideas, and love into each piece. We hope that everyone can see the love in our work."
bio written by DiemDesignsJewelry via their etsy profile

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