Tuesday, October 26, 2010


aegon 2 silk chiffon long dress
" We are collective team, all team members are independent designers and dress makers who worked for big brands and want to make something more interesting and fun.
We live in Neverland, outside of it, it is a gray boring city, inside of it, there is a purple lake surrounded by exotic plants and animals, breeze from the snow moutain will bring dandelion seeds and inspiration. We brainstorm, explore, experiment together to work out things verify our existence. A journey, a book, a show, a movie and interesting person's contact will be our inspiration.
Quality, hand made, originality, creativity, uniqueness are our criterion. To be featured on Vogue and design for celebrity one day is not our goal, working out timeless stylish designs to let every woman feel romantic, beautiful and elegant is our dream!
Our designs are calling you? They are only for those who love arts, passionate about life, open minded, dare to be different and special. If you are trend follower, you will be disappointed, we will never design “in” designs, we create our styles in our peculiar way. We only build up timeless styles you may keep for many years. If you expect something normal or ordinary, you will be shocked. We only work out pieces with bold and quirky idea, of course we will make them very wearable, but if you get used to those high street brands designs, you might have trouble understanding why a so low priced design will have so special details or put so much thoughts like a high fashion design. So you are our targetted buyers?"
bio written by idea2lifestyle via their etsy profile

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