Monday, July 16, 2012


Green bead statement necklace mexican style
"hello! i studied jewelry design in Antwerp, Belgium and in La Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain. and took jewelry courses in Oaxaca, Mexico. this is how it all began: i was still a little girl when it first came to my mind to sell the jewelry i made. so together with my best friend I made a bunch of things on a rainy afternoon and the very next day we took our little treasures to a fancy store in the nearest city! And they accepted everything we made! my friend dropped out but I kept on going. I grew up, moved to Mexico by the time I was 18 on an interchange program. i fell in love with this amazing country and promised myself I would come back. After a year of Mexican sun I went back to Belgium to study Jewelry design in Antwerp (st-lucas) and Barcelona, Spain (escola massana) . But my mind was still in Mexico, so I during my studies I went back every summer until i finished my master degree in jewelry art and i was free to go. Well, ever since i’m here, in Oaxaca, designing, making and creating… And thanks to Etsy i can now reach people worldwide!"
bio written by Justine via her etsy profile

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