Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hopn Frog Pottery

Ladybugs Mug, pottery, wheel formed and sculpted with leaves, gumnuts and tree branch handle.
"My mission is to create functional art that is visually entertaining; that is charming & brings a smile to your face. I have been working (although I enjoy it so much it seems more like playing) with clay since 1999. I adore the feel & texture of clay & find something very fullfilling & satisfying in turning a simple ball of clay into something useful & pretty that people take delight in using. I love art that can be touched, felt & used which is what draws me to claywork with Australian landscapes, fauna and flora being my inspiration for surface treatment. I studied at Hornsby TAFE college (in NSW, Australia) for 5 years both full & part time, recieving Distinctions in Surface Treatment & my work was purchased to be displayed in the ArtsNORTH permanant art collection. I use various techniques- wheel forming, handbuilding, sculpting & slip-casting. My surface treatments also vary from clear glaze over underglaze to saggar & pit-firing where some salt, sawdust & other combustible materials along with heat and mother nature are left to make their mark. Teapots, bowls, mugs & bottle forms are my favourite items to make. I usually embellish them with hand sculpted frogs, lizards, ladybugs, grasshoppers, butterflies & dragonflies & always aiming for a playful whimsy. My work has been exhibited & sold in galleries & shows around Sydney & been published in magazines such asThe Journal of Australian Ceramics, Pottery In Australia & Australian Ceramics, Glasswork & Pottery magazines & can also be found in collections around Australia, UK, USA, China, Holland, Korea & Italy. I am currently busy in my home studio in Sydney creating work that I hope will delight you & make you smile. You can also view past & present works as well as see progress photos of work in the making on my Facebook Page Hop'n Frog Pottery."
bio written by Tanya via her etsy profile


Ana de la Serna said...

Beautiful. They remind so much me to the portuguese and spanish traditional ceramics! There are many alike at my granmother's countryhouse. They make me think about my summers over there and my childhood. Great design!

Hop'n Frog Pottery said...

Thank You so much Jenny, it was such a lovely surprise to turn on my pc just now and find your sweet message and blog about my work. I really appreciate it :-D

Kindest regards Tanya
@ Hop'n Frog Pottery

Anna said...

The work is such fun but sooo much time and care taken on each piece.

Hop'n Frog Pottery said...

Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog, it's very much appreciated.
And also a thank you to the 2 previous people who left such lovely comments!!