Monday, February 27, 2012

atlantic art couture

Gold Antler Charm Necklace with Gold Plated Finishings 20.5 Inches Long Altogether
"I am a young teacher living on the east coast of Canada- in the Maritimes! It's a beautiful area of the world with colourful houses, ocean breezes and quaint little towns to wander through. Many of my paintings reflect this way of life- I love to paint sea scapes. Also, I have traveled extensively and I am inspired by the many things I have seen around the world. As I add to my shop, I hope this will become apparent in my jewelry collection. I love crafting jewelry... I find any work I create with my own hands to be very rewarding and fun!
I have been involved with art from a very young age, including being an "art grad" from my high school, taking various art history courses in University and formal painting courses from a local artist who is world renowned. I am so happy to be able to open my own little corner of the internet, to share my love of art with all who visit!
When I'm not creating, I am teaching or walking my dog (a Pug named Lola!) around town."
bio written by Jessie via her etsy profile

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