Monday, February 27, 2012

becka rahn

Weaving Loom Brooch - Crayon Box
"My name is Becka Rahn and I am a geek for fiber art and technology. My work is a fusion of high and low-tech techniques - digitally printed fabric, laser cut bamboo and acrylic combined with hand embroidery and weaving. I grew up in Rapid City, SD and spent my very first paycheck from a summer theater job to get a sewing machine, which I still have. Every surface of my house is covered with something-in-progress all the time. I am not kidding, just ask my family.
My day job is as an art teacher and administrator at a fiber art center, where I teach sewing, felting, digital & technology skills to beginners of all ages. (
I have designs published in 101 One Yard Wonders and its sequel (Nov 2011) and you can find all kinds of tutorials, art and random thoughts, links to me at Ravelry, Spoonflower and more at my blog:"
bio written by Becka via the etsy profile.

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