Sunday, February 19, 2012

Helga McLeod

Original painting acrylic, watercolor and ink girl in white dress with fire flies and light bubbles
"A born Namibian and natural-born nomad, I finally sunk my roots in the heart of the Free State, Bethulie, South Africa where I share my home with my wonderful man and two of the world’s greatest kids, 1 fat cat and 1 scary cat.
I have been into art and the creation of it since I could hold anything in my fist, mouth or toes and co-owned an art gallery in the 90’s while I had art training. Then followed my studies in horticulture and after that a combination of painting outside, painting the outside or painting a landscape through planting. I am naturally a nature and creation junky.
I often paint in mixed media but also love watercolours."
bio written by Helga via the etsy profile

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