Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vital Temptation

A set of TWO felted bracelets bangles
"My name is Svitlana. I'm a New Yorker, a felt artist, designer, creator, hopeless romantic, wishful thinker, and lover of all beautiful things. I’m the “ miracle worker ” behind the curtains of VitalTemptation.
I work with wool, silk and other natural fibers using very unique and almost forgotten techniques while creating my designs. I use felting that is an ancient textile art , where manipulating wool , warm soapy water and rolling, squeezing and rubbing creates a very special one-of-a-kind piece.
As a child, I subconsciously learned how to see beyond the Spring blossoming and rustling of leaves. I learned how to be inspired by ordinary everyday objects that surrounded me."
bio written by Svitlana via the etsy profile

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Vital Temptation said...

So sweet! Thank you very much for featuring me!