Sunday, January 29, 2012


Coiled Fabric Basket - Lavender
"Leisha here...My artistic education is in architecture, which kind of explains a little about why I enjoy the engineering part of crafting! This shop features fabric crafts, but if you are looking for my pop-up cards or journals, please check out my second shop
Don't forget to check my 'sold' section. It's the best part of my shop! A lot of my items are custom made for the buyer, so if you see something you like (or have an idea of your own), please contact me! Everything is handmade by me, in my non-smoking home"
bio written by Leisha via the esty profile

Saturday, January 28, 2012

my sassy glass

Unique Glass Heart Pendant, Slide Jewelry - One of a Kind - Large Gold Bail - The Lady in My Life
"We feel that our one-of-a-kind pendants offer a hint about the personality of the person that wears it. We make pendants in many shapes and sizes and love to see which one our customer picks out. Whether you are bold, elegant, edgy, trendy, strong, modern, classic, sporty, daring or sassy... we feel that you can find a pendant that is perfect for you!"
mini-bio written by Susan via the etsy profile

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dromme Lund

Amber Willow (Wire Copper Tree Sculpture)
"My name is Eirini, I am 29 years old. I was born in Greece and I ve lived in Athens till recently.
Currently I m living in Denmark with my husband and our cat.
I ve learned creating copper tree sculptures when I was 18 years old. It was a hobby that relaxed me and made me escape the frantic life of a big city. My life changed when I moved to Denmark to be with my husband. My creativity expanded significantly, so I thought that it was a good idea to share it. Nature, the seasons and fantasy inspire me to create. All my items are made with love and their mission is to make you relax and wonder into the lands of fantasy."
bio written by Eirini via the etsy profile

corie j cole

Handmade Porecelain Lamb Figurine
"Find an assortment of what I call my "trap door art." These pieces (which I like to imagine doing beneath my professional studio, in a dank cellar, somewhere hidden) are sketches and scribbles that I like to put together to purge the brain cells of excessive conceptualizing.
You can find my "serious" art at this address:
Though a lot of it is long-since sold to collectors far and wide, it will give you a sense of my sensibilities, and my range.
Be sure to check out the St. Reagan ornaments!
I have a wide variety of political and celebrity portraits available, and I may consider commissions if I like the idea enough and after agreement upon terms, including possible deposit."
bio written by Corie via the etsy shop announcement

rush creek mosaics

Antique Shabby Primitive Mosaic Foot Stool - Picker Sisters
"Here you will discover original mosaic art with a vintage flavor ... nearly all of my pieces combine repurposed and pre-loved vintage ingredients to honor and keep alive the beauty of simpler times. Retro, kitsch, antique, mid-century, primitive, shabby ... it's all here in various forms of functional, decorative and wearable mosaic art.
My career is in healthcare but have had art running through my veins for as long as I can remember. I always find time to create, and my heart still flip-flops when I make a sale:) I have two daughters - one an Occupational Therapist and one a recent law school graduate. The BEST gift I could ever recieve is a box of assorted old colorful china. sigh...."
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Monday, January 23, 2012


Beautiful peach long dress
"I am artist-designer.Dace Grinvalde. I made photography, fashion, drawings, interior things. I like simply beautiful things."
mini-bio written by Dace via the etsy profile

Little Bean Prints

Two Trees and a Heart Art
"Welcome to Little Bean Prints, the digital home for the analog creations made by me, Marie Antonelli. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Overhead your will find the imaginary banner that reads: "Est. 2009. Named in honor of Eve Agnes, my original little bean". To the right you will find a sampling of what is available in my shop (click "see more" to enter). Below you will find all kinds of assorted information about me,and my work. Enjoy, and never hesitate to contact me with a question or comment of any kind!
My paintings were published in a wonderful book: Check it out!
About Me
Hi! I am Marie Antonelli and I live in the lovely Northeast with my family. The grown ups, Ron and I, like to think that we are in charge, but really the kiddos, Eve and Owen, pretty much call the shots. My background is in painting and printmaking, drawing and illustration, and art education to boot.
About My Products and Work
I believe that it is so important to have art.... everywhere! I want my daughter to live in a world where the things she looked at, wares, and plays with are engaging and inspiring. I paint with her in mind, both making pieces for her, and making pieces for adults that reflect the world I want her to live in. I strive to create artwork to will make us smile. Some pieces are child-like, some are sophisticated. All attempt to show a reverence for nature, and a loving and lighthearted view. I am inspired by so many things: the birds and the trees, insects with their lacy wings, the way the moon moves, the way leaves curl, the things my daughter says, and memories."
bio written by Marie via her etsy profile.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kristi Bowman Design

Copper Drop and Lampwork Earrings
"I have always loved silver jewelry but never took the plunge in to actually making it. Then about 2 year ago I discovered PMC (precious metal clay)! How could there be such a thing, why have I only just now discovered it!!! I wish I had much earlier, I am having an incredible time creating jewelry with it and now with BronzClay and CopprClay.
I am looking for ways to combine these metals and make interesting and beautiful pieces, many are one of a kind.
Textures are my thing, I love using more than one in a piece and many items have quite a rustic or primative look to them. This is by design. I also love giving the pieces an antiqued look with patina. I think it ads so much to the pieces, especially when I'm able to achieve a wide range of blues and purples. If you prefer a shine on your silver any piece I make can be polished to a shine and they will look beautiful that way as well.
I strive to make everything as Unique as the people that wear it. Here's what some of my customers have to say "very very well made and beautiful - perfect size - love wearing them!"
bio written by Kristi via the etsy profile

Gillian Lee Smith

Endlessly waiting to light the way home
"My love of storytelling and history, puppets and dolls, characters and costumes, fairytales and folklore, dreams and memories are all the things contained in the everyday whirling mind of a person who does not wish to be rooted in the realistic present. Inside my head, glimpses of other lives tell stories that resonate with melancholic sentiment. Puppets and dolls with heart and emotion, long lost souls, decadence and decay, the richness, texture, contrasts and complexities of life. All are endlessly fascinating and thought provoking.
Baroque and Victorian periods are especially evident in my designs and my work often delves into the expression and characterisation of our human nature, which we may hide away and only ever glimpse at when prompted by a reflection of our inner selves.
A life can outwardly appear quite ordinary but inside of ourselves, we can create endlessly and without limitations.
Painting and creating from my studio I spend my days following my dream of working as an artist"
Bio written by Gillian via the etsy profile

Friday, January 20, 2012

Maya Jade Creations

Crystal Rhinestone Deer Antler Art Sculpture Amethyst Purple


Goldilocks by Omair Haq
Goldilocks, a photo by Omair Haq on Flickr.

Reversed Canon 17-40mm L
This was the most frustrating picture I i have ever taken. I broke a wobbly stool and the panning arm of my tripod. After over an hour I gave up and decided to use whatever shots I had managed to get lol.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pit Bull Lady Designs

Quarter Horse Sculpture for Pin or Magnet Broach, REALISTIC Bay Horse Portrait
"Useful Art is my wish to create.
With years of 4-H crafting and sewing in my background, I had the desire and knowledge to create but wasn’t able to find a medium that carried the animal images from my brain into my art until I tried Needle Felting with my 4-H club. Finally, with needle felting the pictures in my mind can have solid form and not just live in the land of imagination anymore.
Learn the rules and then bend them, is my view of crafting. I’ve never met a pattern or design that I didn’t want to tweak, a painting to restoke or book that didn’t get a hundred different endings in my off-beat mind before the final page. Scraps and other oddments that could/should actually get thrown away or to my children’s embarrassment, left in the trash on the side of the road and not in my van, can find a new life in the most unusual ways when I just need a supply that I don’t have or can’t afford.
It does seem most of my felting sculptures and recycle designs are late evening inspiration, because my days are taken up by caring for two children with advanced degrees in whining and mind boggling questions, daughter’s wedding, two demanding guinea pigs, pit bull therapy dog, ornery Chihuahua, easy going Arabian, a growing 4-H club and part-time job as a librarian, insights available in my blog"
bio written by Barbara Wright via the etsy profile

Tutus Chic Boutique

Cream ruffles shabby chic tee shirt--Modern Day Aristocrat Tee Shirt in soft cotton and silk.
"Tutus, headpieces and theater have long been a part of my life. As a former professional ballet dancer, I lived to wear a tutu and a beautiful headpiece. Now I love to see my ideas come to life in the form of an original design.
...known to have been inspired by the paintings of Degas and his Paris Opera dancers whose waists are wrapped in silk over clouds of tulle. However, nothing is better than old world elegance influenced by today's world market.
It is difficult to stop creating since there is so much beauty and inspiration in our world. I am indeed lucky to be here."
bio written by Sarah via the etsy profile

Friday, January 13, 2012


UK 6, Handmade leather shoes, D fitting, Conker brown, Wedgwood blue, FLUTTERBY
"Fairysteps offers unique bags, shoes and accessories to customers across the globe who value original, inspired design coupled with quality craftsmanship... Its lovingly run by Ren Cuming, an artisan shoemaker with a passion for creating. Every item in my Etsy shop is in stock and ready to post so theres absolutely no waiting!!!"
mini-bio written by Ren via the etsy profile

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tamara Lichtenstein



Stained Glass Butterfly - Cara Mia
"I am a native of Sydney, Australia, and it was here that I began my formal education in art. In my second year of college I moved to the United States and received my B.F.A. from B.G.S.U. in Ohio. I spent the next 10 years as art director in the field of television. Recognizing the stresses of the advertising world, I took the opportunity to find other forms of artistic expression. My love of glass was born and I allowed this creative energy to guide me. What evolved were works of art that integrated into our more common understanding of functional living.
My larger body of work is represented by some of the finest art galleries in the nation.
I had the privilege to exhibit with the world renowned artist, Dale Chihuly and also completed a restoration of 18 stained glass windows at a chapel in Ohio."
bio written by LAGlass via the etsy profile

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magic Loot

Feather Earrings - 24k gold edged Feather Bone Earrings
"I have a passion for creating. I am very picky with my creations. They have to be made with the finest materials. You will see that expressed in my work here. All items are either sterling, gold fill, and all natural gemstones. I truly believe that the real thing is worth the small extra expense. My creations are all items that are made to last."
mini-bio written by Simona via the etsy profile

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Virginia Kraljevic

Running Tree 8x10 Fine Art Archival Print of Original Pen and Ink Drawing
"Thank you for stepping into my obscure world of fine line abstractions, French pigeons, trees, tiny houses, coffee pots, cowboy boots, and hot air balloons. Imagining and creating are guilty pleasures for me and for my heart. Yes, that’s right, my figurative heart. Even when it wasn’t easy or was ill-advised, my heart and I have gone places. We’ve ventured through three universities in both Paris and New York, braved three unpaid photography, magazine, and visual display internships, digested numerous work opportunities in the fields of fashion, retailing, media production, five-star hospitality, and management. My art and handicrafts reflect all that I have embraced on my adventures as Virginia, clutching my two passports (American and Croatian), the handlebars of my green bicycle, or the key to my hybrid vehicle.
At age six, my heart told me I wanted to be an artist and, over the years, an actress, writer, photo journalist, window dresser, Audrey Hepburn, interior decorator, entrepreneur, baker, librarian, crafter, stylist, and even Jessica Fletcher (as played by the lovely Angela Lansbury). Because of my heart, I am happy to report that by the age of 26, I had already partaken of each aforementioned profession in one way or another (except librarian, but running your own business leads to lots of filing, reading, and telling your pets “shh”). Okay, okay, enough about my heart (but I love you, heart. I heart heart forever). Essentially, I grew up in a New York suburb of Westchester County, sampled 47.3 million learning experiences along the way, had a few key epiphanies, and now find myself appreciating beauty, nature, love, and art more than ever (as they all go hand-in-hand, n'est ce-pas?).
Aside from adoring the early morn when I wake up and drink deliciously fresh coffee, I love to travel (have been to Europe 27 times and counting!), observe, and take part in wackiness and funniness, doodle all over the place, hang out in my makeshift atelier, collect curiosities, dress colorfully, watch "Murder, She Wrote" re-runs (dork alert!), speak in funny accents, discover new and old musical gems, snuggle with Buggles (my notorious cat), explore with Watson (my wonderful adopted pup), and just live in the moment, full embrace. There’s so much beauty, cuteness, and niceness in the world, I’m pleased as punch to be involved -- a big thank you to anyone who has inspired or encouraged me and a bigger THANK YOU to those who continue to do so. You know who you are."
bio written by Virginia via her etsy profile.


MapleBurl Pendant with Turquoise Inlay Nature's Art
"Born and raised in Northern Ontario
Have always enjoyed creating with wood
Recently retired and now able to be wood-productive especially on my lathe
Have sold at local craft shows and now my daughters who also feature their creativity here have decided it is time for me to enter into the great amazing EtsyWorld
But let me brag a little about my girls
Have a look at
Enjoy yourself at my site as I pile up the sawdust"
Bio written by Andre via his etsy profile.

Monday, January 2, 2012


red embroidered pouch bag
"I have been doing hand work for many years. I am particularly drawn to embroidery, applique work and crochet. All items are my original designs. My partner works with leather to make beautiful purses, totes, and a variety of cases. Many items can be custom ordered. We also have a web site, and will soon be opening another etsy shop, fleabay finds- selling vintage items, fabrics, and supplies."
bio written by ManitobaGifts via the etsy profile